Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan's Birthday

This past weekend I celebrated my partner Ryan’s birthday and wanted to do something that was tailored specifically for him, so we went up to Santa Barbara and did a cooking class all day. We started at the fisherman’s market, then went to the farmer’s market, then the cheese shop and it was SO enjoyable. We had a great chef leading the class, Chef Laurence. You never know what you sign up for but we ended up having an AMAZING time cooking and enjoying ourselves. I gutted and beheaded a fish (incredibly gross) which resulted in me not even eating it after it was cooked, but everything else was great--the risotto, crab legs, sides, pear tart--all things that Ryan wanted to learn to make. The trip to Santa Barbara was amazing. The following day we went to Disneyland and got a chance to do all of the things Ryan enjoys doing there-saw the private Walt Disney suite, went on all the rides, but most importantly, had a fun four days, which is what birthdays should be. They shouldn’t be one day but should rather be a series of days that you celebrate and so I detached from work and had a really great time with Ryan and a really great four days off. Beautiful weather with the person that you love on their birthday is the best way to celebrate.