Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love my family

Last Sunday I attended a Christmas dinner hosted by my aunt Maria—who’s like a sister to me—and her amazing husband, Andre. This dinner was special for many reasons. First, Maria (or Ria, as I call her) and her family have endured a challenging year because of Andre’s ongoing battle with cancer. I am constantly amazed how they are able to get through each day with such dignity and grace. The way they are able to focus on being positive and celebrating the joys in life is remarkable and truly inspiring.

Sunday’s dinner was an especially beautiful celebration. Ria invited relatives who we often see at our family gatherings, family members we don’t see often enough, and then there were a few relatives who some of us hadn’t seen in decades—if at all. I felt the warmth and abundance of love as soon as I stepped inside the home. Ria has this thing she says that always makes me smile because I hear in her voice how much she means every word. She says “I love my little family.” And it’s so true. Family is everything. She literally brought our little family together by organizing such a wonderful dinner. The food was great, and the company was even better. It was a magical time. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift. Thank you, Ria. And happy holidays, everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is Customer Service a lost art?

It never ceases to amaze me how customer service can range from good to... practically nonexistent. I love the experience of going to a store or restaurant and encountering a staff member who clearly loves her job. She greets the customer with a smile and exudes a passion for what she does. In turn, the customer feels good and eager to return the favor (perhaps by rewarding that person with a generous tip).

I think customer service is becoming a lost art because these days th
ere are so many people doing jobs that they just don’t want to do. Personally, I can’t imagine being that unhappy with the work I do every day. Because then not only are you unhappy, but everyone you interact with can sense that and it puts a damper on their day too.

Customer service is exactly what those two words mean: serving the customer. And when you receive bad customer service you can’t help but be upset. I recently went to Best Buy and had a HORRIBLE experience. I was literally standing beneath a big sign that read “Customer Service” while having a disagreement with the store manager. I was explaining to her that a store representative had promised me something earlier (which my partner, Ryan, had heard as well), and then when I was going to take him up on the offer, he lied right to my face and said he hadn’t offered me the deal. The manager refused to help me in any way, and I kept reminding her that I was standing at the counter for “customer service.” In an almost comical way, I even pointed up at the sign as if she didn’t know—embarrassing Ryan in the process, who I could tell was thinking, “Oh my god, he’s pointing out the sign....” But it was just shocking to me that someone who is working in the customer service department could have no understanding of what customer service actually is.

All too often, when you go to Starbucks in a big city like New York, the cashier doesn’t look up, doesn’t smile, doesn’t ask you how you are, and doesn’t say “thank you.” However, when you go to the smaller parts of the country, the person behind the counter usually looks up and says right away, “Hi, how are you?” and then “Thank you for your order.” And this person seems to really mean it. This is what should be happening everywhere, all the time. Kindness and courtesy are extremely contagious. Good customer service results in good client relations, which creates a positive environment and keeps everybody happy. Really, it’s the simple things—like a genuine smile—that can make the biggest difference.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Mind your manners

Have you ever sat in a restaurant and been embarrassed for a dining companion who treated the wait staff poorly? You can learn a lot about someone—both good and bad—when you go out to eat with them. If he or she treats the waiter like hired help, it’s obvious to me that they have never been on that side of the fence.

I had gone on several business meetings with one associate who I thought was sweet… until I realized what kind of person she really was, based on how she behaved in a restaurant. When we went out for breakfast, she would literally scold the waiters. One day she asked the waiter to bring kosher salt for her omelet. The waiter brought table salt (which has smaller granules), and she said, “No, I told you I wanted kosher salt. Do you know what kosher salt is?” And so he brought another kind of salt, to which she scathed, “This is not kosher salt. Would you mind bringing me back to the kitchen so I can show you what kosher salt is?”

I was mortified just to be associated with her. I mean, really? It’s just salt... Eat the eggs without salt or use the salt you have... crazy! I actually leaned toward the waiter and mouthed “I’m sorry.” The next time we scheduled a breakfast meeting, all I wanted to do was call in advance and request kosher salt for our table because I couldn’t bear to watch another scene like that again.

I can certainly relate to the waiter because I worked service jobs when I was younger. I mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, and swept floors at a flower shop. When I was a room service waiter, I remember being barked at for any little thing. If I was a second late, the guests had a fit.

Pay attention to people when you go to restaurants—whether it’s a diner or five-star restaurant. Watch how they treat a waiter… it says everything. And by the way, if you’re the one being nasty to your waiter, I’d be a bit worried about my food if I were you! If you’ve seen Waiting..., you know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s just like that old saying… you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. A smile, a hello, a please and thank you are such easy things to do and say… and they get you so much in return.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is fun for kids and adults

Halloween is one of those holidays, which for me is more of a season than a holiday, when adults can be kids and kids can be adults. It’s pure fun, so embrace it! I think sometimes people get too stressed out about it all. Maybe they don’t want to put on a costume because they think it might not be over the top enough or they don’t want to have a Halloween party because they think it might not be as fabulous as they want. Don’t overthink it!

In my household, celebrating Halloween was a big deal for my mom. She and my dad always set up a haunted house in our front lawn, complete with a real casket! So I see Halloween as a time to be silly and let go of all the stressors that are around you on a daily basis. Crafting is a great thing to do during Halloween. You can have fun making wonderful little things for both kids and adults—whether it’s cupcakes or cookies decorated with gummy worms and other creepy crawlies, or creating a chic Halloween party with inexpensive candles and fabrics, like the one I did last week on CBS’s The Talk. I had a blast creating a mad scientist's lab for the kids and a sparkly spider soiree for an adult party.

Whether you dress up and go trick or treating, go to a party, host a party, or all of the above, the point is to just go out and have a great time!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To my fans of ALL ages

Next to meeting so many incredible brides and being able to make their wedding dreams come true, what I love MOST about My Fair Wedding is how it brings families together—that is, the families who gather around the living room to watch the show faithfully each week. It makes me so happy to know that multiple generations—grandparents along with their children and their grandkids... and maybe even their great grandkids—have something to look forward to on Sundays. I love meeting these viewers and hearing their stories about how the show has given them another chance to bond and laugh with their families. In our crazy-busy lives, we could all use some more of that!

One of my most wonderful and devoted fans is 82-year-old Dorothy, whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently. She is a huge follower of the show and especially enjoys watching it with her loved ones. I could probably have spent hours listening to Dorothy’s funny anecdotes and her takes on some of the more crazy ideas my brides had in mind for their wedding. The show makes her smile, and getting to know her made me smile—which is so important because feeling the joy is what it’s all about!

Dorothy, I adore you! Thank you for sharing your happiness and for touching my heart.


Monday, October 17, 2011

When kids can’t be kids...

It absolutely breaks my heart to hear about each new teenager to take his life after being incessantly bullied by his classmates... and for what... just being gay. While it’s reassuring to see that a few states are taking a stand against bullying by enacting laws such as New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act and California’s Seth’s Law, but I think we also need to stop putting so much media attention on these suicides. I worry that all of this constant coverage is giving other teens who suffer from bullying the idea that taking their own lives is a way out. These kids need to understand that killing yourself is NOT an option. Bullying needs to stop, but suicides need to stop more.

I know how hard it can be for these kids because I was also bullied in school... but I was strong enough to get through it and I trusted it would get better. I can’t stress enough that having an outlet and someone you can share your struggles with is one of the most important things you can do to overcome something like this.

Several years ago, I was asked to return to my high school and give a commencement speech. I admitted to the students that I had dealt with difficulties in school—I didn’t say “bullying,” but in hindsight, I wish I did... I explained that ultimately whether you end up first in your class or 300th, graduating from high school wipes the slate clean. From then on, you can make your own decisions and choose to live however you’d like. It’s a fresh start.

For help with bullying, go to LGBT teens (or those questioning their sexuality) can visit or call 1-866-4-U-TREVOR (1-866-488-7386).


Monday, October 10, 2011

Change for the better

We all get comfortable in our day-to-day lives. Some people are so set in their ways that they would never consider changing their hair color... or hairstyle for that matter! Many of us avoid change because we don’t know what it will bring or how it will affect us. But the fact is, change happens, even when we’re satisfied with the status quo. I personally came face to face with this recently when we had some staff changes at my company (employees left, new people were hired). When change comes suddenly and takes you by surprise, you often react by insisting you were in a happy place… that things were fine just the way they were. But then soon after the scene shifts, you realize the change has actually resulted in something better. Change provides a new outlook, a new vision, new direction.

For me, the change turned out to be beyond all expectations. My new employees are simply fantastic and I am so grateful to have them on my team. The experience reminded me to embrace change. And you should too—whether it’s changing jobs, changing your diet, or changing your relationships... it might seem scary or overwhelming at first, but trust that it happened for a good reason. Once you embrace the change and open yourself up to the possibilities, you’ll find that there’s always something bigger and better right around the corner.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Movie to Inspire You

I love going to the movies! Films are not only a great form of escape, they can also give you the chance to put important issues and events in perspective. Every so often I’ll watch a film that is so moving it should be required viewing for everyone. The story doesn’t necessarily have to be about something you’ve experienced or can personally relate to. It just has to touch you in a way that makes you think about your own life and relationships. The latest movie I’ve seen that falls into the “must-see” category is The Help.

For those who have yet to see the movie (or read the book), the story is about the challenges that the main characters face as black women working for white families around the time of the civil rights movement. Ultimately, it’s a story about human connection and how we treat people we deem “different” from us. It’s just an incredible film on many levels—the acting is brilliant, the cinematography is breathtaking, and the complexity of each heartfelt storyline is powerful beyond belief. What’s most impactful is how you feel after watching the movie… what it does to you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. (I’ll have you know I left the theater in tears!)

When you stop to think about what you’re supposed to be doing in life, you’ll probably come up with some obvious answers… going out and having fun, having a great job, getting married, raising kids, and living a life you believe in. But there’s a bigger picture out there. Everyone has a chance to make their mark on the world—even if it’s just a small handprint. For the character of Skeeter in The Help, that was to write a book from the perspective of black maids during a time when sympathizing with the struggles of African Americans was unpopular.

If everyone did something simple today to benefit the greater good… volunteer, write a letter to their local representatives, be an advocate for social change… imagine what a difference we’d see in the world tomorrow! The problem is that many people say they want to help others or change their own bad behaviors that might affect those around them (like smoking or drinking irresponsibly), but never actually take action. Remember, saying isn’t doing... What's one small thing you can do today?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Shout-out to Charlotte, NC!

I just did a beautiful wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina… and it was probably one of the best weddings of my career. The bride and groom were wonderful, of course. But I was simply amazed by the level of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail I saw from the local vendors we hired. Everyone, from the delivery person and the wait staff to the lighting assistant and the MC, executed every last element with such care and perfection. And this is really saying a lot because the number of people that worked on this wedding was in the hundreds! It was obvious that each individual took their job seriously and really believed in the product or service they were providing.

As many of you know, I’ve worked in this business a long time, but seeing people put their hearts and souls into their work like this is something that still brings me a great deal of joy. I know I’m always talking about the smaller cities and towns… but the ones I’ve visited always seem to have the most genuinely kind and helpful people. So kudos to Charlotte, a city I look forward to visiting again… hopefully sooner rather than later!


Monday, September 19, 2011

The Joys of Small Town, USA

A couple weeks ago I headed to Tybee Island, an island on the easternmost point of Georgia, and then to the city of Victoria, on the coastal plains of Texas. Some people might think I prefer big cities like New York and LA—and they DO have their perks—but nothing beats the friendly, laidback vibe that so many small towns offer.

What I enjoy most is going to a place I might not typically visit, and then falling in love with the town and the people and the food. How fabulous is it that traveling around the U.S. can be just as culturally rewarding as traveling abroad? I’ve found that even in the most out-of-the-way places there’s always something new to discover and learn from the locals. Part of the fun is talking to people and finding out what the best places are for sightseeing, shopping, or grabbing a bite.

People who are used to a quieter, simpler way of life have a remarkable way of making you feel right at home—even when home for you is hundreds of miles away. For me, small-town life is comforting, relaxing, and truly a breath of fresh air.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Beauty Within

We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But sometimes we can’t help but make assumptions about things or people based solely on what we see on the outside. Take, for example, one of my very special brides on My Fair Wedding. She’s simply gorgeous. Anyone who saw her for the first time probably thought she had it all. But once I starting working with her on her wedding plans, I was able see that her beauty was much more than skin deep. From inside, this woman, a preacher’s daughter, radiated a genuine kindness, compassion, and generosity—traits you wished more people you met in your everyday life possessed.

Most surprising of all was learning that this bride grew up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit. For better or worse, we are all products of how we were raised. But my bride was proof that it’s up to us to decide how to live the next chapters of our lives. She chose to be a warm, caring individual instead of someone who was angry or bitter about her troubled past.

Always look beyond the exterior—whether that exterior is gorgeous or not so polished. If you or a friend has ever done online dating, you may have sorted your “compatible” mates by the profile pictures alone. But could you have been dismissing the guy with the funny-looking hair (or lack thereof), despite the fact that if you’d actually spent time with him you’d see what a perfect match you really were?

Take the time to get to know someone before rushing to judgments based on physical appearances. You might find that their inner beauty far surpasses anything you see on the outside.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Love, Family and Dreams ... you don't need much else

I’m about to head to sleep after yet another wedding weekend spent with my magical bride and her loved ones, but I just had to write down some thoughts and feelings that have overwhelmed me.
First off, my amazing LA event coordinator, Alissa, knocked this one OUT OF THE PARK! I can’t do everything on my own and having such talented and hardworking people that CARE working with me is such a blessing. Alissa REALLY made me look good this week!
So my bride. Wow. What a beautiful and sweet woman. She lost her mother tragically (and at a very young age) and what amazed me was just how tight knit, supportive and unconditionally loving this family was. To have such sadness at such a young age and to come out so strong and joyous is simply heartwarming. They spent a lot of the evening thanking me and hugging me but again, I am forever thankful for what they do for me. I spent the night in tears. I help bring their dreams to reality, but they bring me clarity in life. These women, and especially my bride tonight, really understand the importance of living life to the fullest and being joyful.
Tonight I had yet another first with a bride. But this time … the roles were reversed. My bride and groom invited me to the dance floor and told me to close my eyes. MY EYES! I was excited, shocked, nervous … and of course couldn’t stop crying. My couple had purchased me a thank you gift in the form of a piece of art. This piece is titled “Girls Best Friend” by Nelson de le Nuez and get this… she told me that this painting is actually a representation of me … because I’m a girls best friend. Speechless. I was, and still am, simply speechless.
I really need to head to sleep but I had to write down how I am continually humbled and inspired by the kind, grateful and warm people I get to work with and meet on a daily basis. Sweet dreams everyone … I know mine will be.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sometimes I think I should pinch myself

This past Saturday nights My Fair Wedding was one of those events that will be with me for the rest of my life. It truly moved me beyond words. The guests had a blast – dancing, laughing, smiling - which was so fun to watch, but what got me the most was the moment the bride saw her groom and the moment the groom saw his bride. In that moment, I was honored to be in the presence of pure LOVE. I was humbled by their connection and to this moment am filled with the warmth I saw between these two.
Later in the evening as the (surprise) fireworks going off over the heads of all on the dance floor I was again taken back. My bride looked up, turned to me, smiled, mouthed “thank you” and began to sob. She came up to hug me and whispered into my ear, “Thank you for doing what you do; for making so many dreams come true and for making mine come true too.” I took a step back and watched her nestle into the arms of her groom and they both looked up and cried tears of happiness with the reflection of fireworks glowing on their faces. I tried to watch the fireworks but I simply couldn’t....I was mesmerized with the feeling of emotion all around this beautiful couple.
There is a course in life for everyone. Sometimes we aren’t sure if we’re on the right course, sometimes it changes and sometimes we wish to change our course but are at a loss on how to make that happen. What I do know is that this course, the course I’m on now, is the course I’m meant to be on… to bring joy, happiness, love and to make these dreams come true. I feel so blessed to be given this time in my life to do what I’m doing. No matter how tired I am or how much stress I sometimes endure, I am beyond excited each day to bring smiles to the faces of deserving people. For letting me help fulfill their dreams they are in turn fulfilling mine.
I will remember that night forever … it was so remarkable and I just needed to share this with all of you.
I love making dreams come true and am so lucky to do what I do!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

“You can turn off the sun, but I’m still gonna shine” ~Jason Mraz

There are so many moments that change your life forever and the funny part is most of the time you never even see them coming.

Last week I was at the gym (I have to admit, I’m addicted) and I noticed a man in a wheelchair working out next to me. My immediate reaction was to feel sorry for this man. Don’t get me wrong, he was lifting more weight than most people there, but I felt sorry that he not only didn’t have the use of his legs, he didn’t have legs past his thighs.

I thought about this man a lot over the next few days; going up and down my stairs, driving my car, even just putting my feet on the ground while getting out of the bed had my mind wandering towards this man at the gym. So fast forward to yesterday. I saw him again! Since he’d been so often in my mind and heart, I just HAD to talk to him. (Everything happens for a reason, right?) I won’t mention his name but this is his story:

He was in the military for years, fighting hard for our country and freedom, when he lost his legs in battle. Not only did this NOT make him feel sorry for himself…it made him fight harder and this time he was fighting to achieve a dream that had always taken a backseat to his duty. This awesome guy is now an Olympic skier with the most positive outlook on life, love and the world. He truly sees this as (again) something that “happened for a reason”. Wow!!

SO INSPIRING, right? I am still smiling over this conversation. And as I look back to last week I can’t help but laugh at myself for feeling BAD for him! As clichĂ© as these sound, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “things aren’t always as they seem”, they are so true!!

Remember to never take anything in life for granted and more importantly, inspiration is everywhere and in everyone…pay attention, take the time to ask questions and you’ll find beauty in the most unassuming places.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So I know I mentioned in my last blog that I was blessed with the opportunity to chat and hang out with Marlo Thomas on her Monday webcast, Monday’s with Marlo, but I just don’t think my gushing did her justice!! She is simply THAT GIRL. I mean, you never REALLY know someone from just watching them on TV. Marlo is even BETTER THAN I THOUGHT!! Compassionate, sweet, gorgeous, confident, warm … FAB!

I walked into her breathtaking home and not only was it beautiful and grand yet welcoming and cozy, but it was truly an experience. Each of my 5 senses were immediately engaged… the scent of fresh lilac and candles provided such a peaceful energy. Trust me, with the hustle and bustle of the show, crew, etc it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to provide a calming and relaxing environment, but Marlo nailed it! My eyes were drawn in every direction – the softness of the fabrics, the art, Marlo and how she carries herself – I could tell immediately that she loves life, loves where she lives and takes pride in her home.

Aside from being a true business woman and an icon to women everywhere, her dedication to her charity work with the St. Jude’s Foundation fills my heart with inspiration. Everything that she has accomplished and continues to everyday – she STILL FINDS TIME TO HELP OTHERS! Magic. I felt like I could just hang out all day with her and am desperately awaiting my next chance!!
Sorry guys, but GIRL POWER!


Friday, June 3, 2011

The Robbers of the Present are the Past and the Future

Well hello again!!!

So I'm back in LA and here on set. One of my crew members just chimed in with, “The robbers of the present are the past and the future”. OMG, I have to agree!! And it really got me thinking about all of the wonderful brides I've met along the way. It's funny, my bride's are always thanking ME, but what they don't realize is that they are on a daily basis teaching me and to be honest, THEY ARE THE ONES HELPING ME! Their challenges, their dreams, their hearts ... they've each impacted my life and I'll be forever grateful of each and every one of them!!

A client once stopped me and said, "David, one of the things you have to remember to do is to stop and smell the roses”. It doesn’t mean we need to LITERALLY smell roses but we DO need to pause and enjoy what we are doing, while we do it. My point is everything in life is what you make of it. In a business like mine there are always challenging moments but I’ve been teaching myself to think, “The moment isn’t a struggle, the moment is a success” and ENJOY it all instead of driving myself crazy. I have to say, it has made life so much more easy, breezey and magical!

So no matter where you are or what you're doing, never ever forget to stop and SMELL THOSE ROSES, girls!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live in the Moment … even the crazy, up down and all around ones!!

Oh boy, has this past week been nuts!

So Monday I started with a Studio Media Tour doing live interviews broadcasting from 30 radio and TV stations across the country. Let’s just say my day started at 4:30am and it didn’t end until 2:00am! The interviews were back to back to back promoting my fabulous jewelry line at Sears and my super cool new craft line at JoAnn’s … I have to say, with sooo many interviews (something that could have ended up being a little redundant) was a TOTAL BLAST! Awesome time. Awesome people.

After my interviews I had the honor of heading over to Marlo Thomas’ house to do ‘Monday’s with Marlo’. If you aren’t familiar with Marlo, you’ve GOT to check her out at She is simply a fabulous, strong, beautiful, witty – ugh, I could go on and on!! – woman. It was so much fun and I hope you got a chance to tune in …. I of course shared some fab tips ;)

I was bummed to leave Marlo, BUT I was off to an Editor's tea at my office in NY. Sooo many amazing editors from all of the major bridal magazines came to chat about my Sears partnership. Imagine little tea sandwiches, tea and mingling with the best of the best bridal editors in the biz … I mean, they don’t get much better than the people I get to work with! Before I knew it … off to the airport!! Back to my LaLa Land aka my second home. Boy, just recapping is making me sleepy, ha! I'm so lucky that I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!

Love what you do. Love yourself. And love each moment!!


PS – If you missed me on Monday’s with Marlo, go to her website at and search for David Tutera … and remember, SMILE!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Where do I get my Inspiration?

So many people ask me where I get my inspiration?  Living life is where I find my inspiration!  Travel, restaurants, movies, walking the street and so many other moments in life.  One of my biggest inspirations is New York City are the amazing Broadway shows!  When I used to do theater in school, I used Broadway to escape my day to day life, and just go see shows that were so creative that they really taught me how to open my mind and imagination to an entirely new level.  It’s so amazing to see what people dream up and then bring to life on the stage.   I have been quite busy traveling and filming My Fair Wedding that when I am back in New York City I find myself escaping to the theatre each time. 

I recently had the pleasure of seeing three wonderful shows. From Vanessa Redgrave in Driving Miss Daisy. to Priscella Queen of the Dessert.  Yes these are two diverse shows but I was inspired by both.  Priscella was pure fun! The show had such a wonderful message about acceptance and embracing others and yourself for who you are with no judgment.  This past week I saw Wonderland, which is about an all-grown up Alice (now a mother) going down the rabbit hole (her elevator shaft in her apt building).  It was so creative and the costumes were just INCREDIBLE (not to mention the performance of the Queen of Hearts!).  Alice is now a mother and stressed with many responsibilities and the journey into Wonderland teaches her to loosen up and live life and have FUN, which is something I live by!  There was this wonderful lyric in the last song at the end of the show “ Nothing can exsist until you dream it first” that so perfectly described everything I believe in and strive to be.

I'm also super excited to be going to be see Spiderman next!  Of course, you never know, in my career… there is always that chance that a bride will request a Spiderman wedding…and I WILL be ready with ideas!

So live life with your eyes wide open so you can embrace unexpected moments because you never know when you will be inspired....because "Nothing can exsist until you dream it first!!!!!"


Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello everyone!  I am doing something really special that I wanted to share with you.  My journey to Topeka, Kansas was quite the trip but I was determined to get here to meet Ryan, a young, shy 17 year old kid from the Make-A-Wish organization.  You see, I am here to grant his wish. From the moment you meet Ryan, you know that you are in the presence of kindness.  His strength and courage in the face of tremendous health issues really has inspired me in a whole new way. I had to blog about Ryan....not because of his health struggles but because of what he has taught me.
I was really excited to talk to him and get to know him, but he was really, really shy and kind of quiet.  I knew that wasn’t going to stop me.  Our worlds are so vastly different that I can understand how Ryan might be uncomfortable to spend time and chat.   What I love is that he has a wise, old soul.  You do not meet people in life like this often and when you stop and take it all in.   

After a while of me doing a lot of the chatting, he mentioned he had just been to New York, so I asked why.  Ryan is in the marching band at his high school. I immediately responded and said..."so was I". He became so excited and quickly asked what instrument I played.   I shared with him, in case you are wondering too, I played the saxophone , clarinet and later became the drum major (thank you very much).   I asked him what he played and he said percussion.  We began to laugh and chat more.  I  leaned over and said “so Ryan, do you think we are band geeks?”....he looked up and laughed and said "Yeah I do".  I said you are right but we are actually really cool!!!   Finding something that we had in common made him loosen up and he started talking about his love of video games.  When I told him how I just LOVE playing video games his eyes completely lit up.  I could literally feel the walls between us crumble and all of a sudden we were just two normal guys sitting on a porch, him wearing my hoodie (it was freezing out) and me wearing his Dad's jacket….talking about the things we loved.

Whenever someone is nervous, if you just talk about what they love, their passions or their hobbies, you get to see the real them.  The fact that I felt such a bond to this 17 year old boy that was so different than me, just gives me hope that someday I WISH that everyone will learn that all of us are really more alike than different at their core.  Maybe Ryan wasn't shy, maybe he is wiser than I thought.  Perhaps he was doing what I was doing- listening, observing and getting to know me as I was getting to know him.  He was trying to make me feel comfortable just as I was doing the same for him. 

I really just want to remind everyone know that no matter how different you may THINK you are from some body, there is always a common thread that you two share but only if you take the time to find it.  Finding it, and the journey of getting to know people and yourself in the process is so beautiful.  In this electronic age, sometimes we need to just slow down and take the time to talk to each other. We all must take a breath so we can stop and really listen to one another.  Thank you Ryan for teaching me and for sharing your journey. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Affordable Glam at Sears

On an episode of “My Fair Wedding,” I was toasted by my bride at the end of the night and was beyond touched by her words to me...... She said, “Everyone says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend...well, I think that David is a girl’s best friend!”  I was so moved by those words.  

So girls, I have something to add to that.  Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you now too can have me as your best friend.  I now have the good fortune of bringing you the right ring for the right price and at the right location...Sears!    I want to make sure I can be there from the moment the diamonds sparkle on your hand when you are engaged. 

I think a lot of brides don’t believe they can get the ring of their dreams and it just breaks my heart.  I have designed my new Sears bridal jewelry collection to bring the sparkle without the worries not being able to afford it.  Now you can feel good about your ring and your budget.  The rings are celebrity inspired and I really took the time to carefully select designs that were high quality and reflected the cut and color of the diamond. 
There are  4 different collections based on style and personality –so there is something for every girl, no matter their personal style.  I’ve been around so many different types of brides and I cannot express how much I believe that your ring should reflect YOU and your unique personality.  I want every bride to look down at their hand and to be just as in love with their rings as they are with their fiancĂ©. 

I’m really proud to be able to offer this line of jewelry to help make everyone feel beautiful and glamorous on their wedding day.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Is....Where the Heart Is

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to talk about the amazing fundraising event this past weekend in Corpus Christi at the church I was baptized, confirmed and basically raised in at my hometown of Portchester, New York!

The church asked if I could help out at their 1st annual fundraisier for underprivileged children to attend the nearby Corpus Christi/Holy Rosary Catholic school.  Of course, I was happy to use my relationships to help plan the event and bring awareness and financial support to a great cause.  (along with literally thousands of white roses).  What I didn’t realize was how going back home to attend and plan the event would be such a surreal, heart-warming experience.

The event took place in the gymnasium of the school.  The theme was angels and they opened the night by having 106 teddy bears with halos and angel wings that you could “adopt” to add to fundraiser.  Such as sweet, cute and brilliant concept! As I finished saying hello to everyone and sat at the table with my family, friends, brother Gregg and sister Amy (and of course, my partner Ryan) and the program commenced,  this beautiful 6 year old girl took the floor and belted out “ISN’T HE BEAUTIFUL” with this angelic voice that just gives me goosebumps to think about. At that moment, I really forgot about the show, all of my clients, the 20 million ideas going through my mind and just felt this sense of peace and happiness.   It was just so nice to go back home and be around such kind, grounded people and my family.  My mother and father are the most down to earth, loving people and being around their energy, and love was more inspiring than being on the most exotic location in the world.  I feel so lucky to have grown up in such a great community that really nurtured who I was and taught me to dream big, but appreciate the little things in life.  Home truly is and always will be where the heart is and I was so humbled by the entire experience.  Thank you so much to Sister Karen and Christine who worked so hard to make this first event a HUGE success, they did a wonderful job – BRAVO to them!