Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Heartburn and Prevacid 24HR

If you are a frequent heartburn sufferer like me, go to for ways to manage frequent heartburn and you can even get perks at restaurants, spas and more.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Guest Blog Post: Kathy Kepler

Two years ago, I discovered my passion for wedding planning when I helped plan my daughter’s wedding. The wedding was magical and everything my daughter dreamed it would be. I loved the planning process so much that I set out to become a wedding planner at the ripe age of 52.

Last year, I submitted an essay about my journey to the “Kick Start Your Life TODAY with Marlo Thomas” series, and not long after, I found myself on the TODAY show set with David and Marlo. Since then, David has been a great mentor to me. One thing he told me that has really stuck with me is that “being a successful wedding planner comes from having a heart and investing yourself emotionally into other people’s weddings, just the way you did for your daughter.”    

Since launching my business (, I have planned two weddings. The most recent wedding I planned—a beach wedding—was a challenge because Hurricane Sandy brought tropical storm weather conditions. We had to implement plan B at the last minute, and everything turned out beautifully. It was another great learning experience and has helped build my confidence.

I have learned that it may take a while to build up my business, but I feel very lucky to have finally found a passion, even though I am now 54 years old. I’m grateful of David’s encouragement along the way, and I am not going to give up. My goal is to plan three to five weddings a year, and I will put my heart and soul into every wedding that I plan, just as if I was planning a wedding for my own daughter.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fan Call

I recently received an email from the husband of one of my fans whose wife recently gave birth to their second child. While this is always something to celebrate, a toll had been taken on this mother’s heart as her baby was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit after birth and had yet to breathe on his own. Her husband told me that his wife was a big fan of mine and he thought a phone call from me may be just the thing to brighten her spirits. I was so touched by this man’s love and concern for his wife as well as his story that I did just what he asked me to. I wasn’t sure if his wife would answer an unknown number when I called but was grateful when she did. I introduced myself and told her about her husband’s email; she was shocked, to say the least. I offered her words of encouragement, told her to hang in there and relayed a story about another couple I worked with once on My Fair Wedding whose twins spent the first several months of their lives in the hospital but are healthy as can be today. She told me she got to hold her son for the first time yesterday since his birth but that they could definitely use all the prayers they could get, which is exactly what I will give to her. The phone call only took a few minutes of my time but I’m hoping it was enough to make her smile and lift her up until she gets to bring her baby home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Mom

Life provides many things that you are never prepared for. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Right now, for me, I am a very lucky guy because I’ve got the gift of having my mom with me for an unlimited amount of time here in Los Angeles. She and I flew to LA and I treated her like the queen that she is--first class. We got here and we’ve already begun to have a wonderful time filled with relaxation. We went to church, to brunch, saw an amazing movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and ate popcorn--we had the best time! Now we’re going hiking on Day 2. We’ve got lots of plans-all simple, but all memorable and since she’s got a one way ticket, I don’t know when she’s going back to New York. The best thing is that I get to have one-on-one time with my mom for a long period of time. THAT, is a gift in life.

Monday, November 12, 2012


So while I have no problem being in front of a video camera,  I’m never comfortable in front of a still camera. That line from Sunset Boulevard, “I’m ready for my close-up” doesn’t work for me. I did a photoshoot in New York last week and we started at 9:00am and ended at 5:00pm, so that’s a lot of close-ups and I wasn’t ready for any of them. BUT, it was a fun day. Jennifer and Charles Maring who are photographers and friends of mine, did an incredible job shooting me with all of my product lines and it was a wonderful day with a lot of hard work from everyone on my team to be able to provide new images for myself for publicity and all of my different product lines for 2013. SO, check out my new do, check out my new clothes and check out my new product lines in the coming months.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan's Birthday

This past weekend I celebrated my partner Ryan’s birthday and wanted to do something that was tailored specifically for him, so we went up to Santa Barbara and did a cooking class all day. We started at the fisherman’s market, then went to the farmer’s market, then the cheese shop and it was SO enjoyable. We had a great chef leading the class, Chef Laurence. You never know what you sign up for but we ended up having an AMAZING time cooking and enjoying ourselves. I gutted and beheaded a fish (incredibly gross) which resulted in me not even eating it after it was cooked, but everything else was great--the risotto, crab legs, sides, pear tart--all things that Ryan wanted to learn to make. The trip to Santa Barbara was amazing. The following day we went to Disneyland and got a chance to do all of the things Ryan enjoys doing there-saw the private Walt Disney suite, went on all the rides, but most importantly, had a fun four days, which is what birthdays should be. They shouldn’t be one day but should rather be a series of days that you celebrate and so I detached from work and had a really great time with Ryan and a really great four days off. Beautiful weather with the person that you love on their birthday is the best way to celebrate.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Season! My Fair Wedding: Unveiled

September 8th at 9:00pm ET/8:00pm CT...Saturday night...I hope you’re ready for My Fair Wedding: Unveiled because it’s going to be a crazy, insane journey to get my brides from the moment I meet them to down the aisle. The thing about this season which I really, really love is that you’re seeing the unveiled side of me, the unveiled side of the process, the madness behind the magic which literally is my every day life. Things don’t go perfectly when planning a wedding. It’s true, the first five seasons of My Fair Wedding were a lot of magic, fairy dust and dreams coming true; while the dreams are still coming true this season, there are a lot of bumpy parts of the road that we’ve got to get through to get to the other GREAT side. You’re going to see brides that don’t agree with me, brides and grooms that don’t agree with one another, momzillas that really are challenging to deal with, sisters that are really not supportive to the bride, family members that really are just disgruntled, even groomsmen who want to do things they just shouldn’t do. And when I say shouldn’t do, I mean really shouldn’t do. The reality is I’m having a BLAST doing this season and loving every minute of it because it’s REAL. I’m loving every moment of it because I’m still delivering the incredible over-the-top weddings and getting a chance to know the brides and grooms in a completely different light. So I suggest that you get ready, pop your popcorn, sit down, turn on the TV and watch My Fair Wedding: Unveiled on Saturday, September 8th at 9pm ET/8pm CT on Wetv because it’s going to be a wild ride!

Monday, September 3, 2012

What should I do next?

I always listen to my fans because they support and guide me so I have a question for them...what should I do next? Should I have a different line of products, write a new book, do a new TV show? I’m curious and want to hear from you what a great direction would be for me to go in towards something that would benefit you and that you could use from my brand? I’ve been focusing on weddings and I’d love to know if you think I should focus on celebrations? Such as moving into social occasions for fashion, products for celebrations that you could use when putting together an event/party that is not a wedding or wedding related. But I want to know; tell me what you’re looking for, tell me what you need and what you want me to do. Comment below as I’d love to get some direction because I’m ready for my next project :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

You Catch More Flies with Honey than Vinegar

I was just having a conversation with someone the other day and was asking them, “Why can’t people just smile?” Why can’t people just be nice?” I was working on a big celebrity wedding in which the bride was soooo miserable and so angry that I just wanted to go up to her and say, “Aren’t you exhausted from being so mean?”

You know, it’s funny if you stop and look around when you’re doing your day to day things in life, people don’t say hi, people don’t say thank you or please, and it’s really alarming because when those little words are said, you think you’re getting this massive gift from somebody, when at the end of the day it should be expected that you do receive that from everybody. I do it; I say hello, thank you, I appreciate things. That phrase, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” it’s true. You also do it with a smile and by just being kind. Can you imagine if everybody was kind? Things would be so much easier and enjoyable. Let’s just try it. Wouldn’t that be novel?

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Family Just Left Town

I always used to look at people who were saying goodbye to others at the airport and crying and I never really understood what was going on until just a couple days ago when I dropped off my mom, dad and niece Mia, 11 years old. We all started to cry because we just didn’t want to say goodbye to one another. It was a really great experience having them here in LA for eight days. Eight solid, full days of spending time with each other. Never once did any of us get tired of the other. I was looking so forward to it and not forward to them leaving. I thought after eight days that would obviously be enough time but it wasn’t. Spending time in the pool for hours, having my mom, dad and niece come to set to watch AND work as they were on the show, going to Disneyland, going to the Magic Castle, going to see Cirque du Soleil, going to some great restaurants, driving around town, hanging out at the house, keeping it simple but keeping it fun; it was literally pure joy. A person once said to me, “What brings you joy in life?” The answer is being with my family. I don’t have to do big over the top things. In fact, when I get invited to go to a red carpet event or some sceney place in Los Angeles or New York, I don’t really want to go. I’d rather be home, keeping it simple because that’s what brings me joy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Blogger: My 11 year old niece, Mia

Interviewed by my assistant, Renee:

Will you introduce yourself?

Mia: My name is Mia Grall and I'm David's niece.

R: Where are you from?

M: Port Chester, New York

R: Is this your first time in LA?

M: Yeah.

R: What do you think so far?

M: It's really fun.

R: When did you get here?

M: I got here on August 1st at 10 o'clock in the morning.

R: And what have you been doing?

M: We went to Disneyland a couple of days ago and it was REALLY fun! We got to go in Walt Disney's apartment and before that we went to Beverly Hills, walked around and had brunch. Today and a couple of days ago we went to my uncle's show and his set and then today, he took me to a surprise which was trampolines!

R: What's been you favorite thing you've done so far?

M: Probably Disneyland because it was so different than Disney World. I've been to Disney World a lot and it was really fun

R: What was your favorite part about it?

M: Probably going on California Screaming, having a tour guide and going on the Hollywood Tower.

R: What'd you think of the Cirque du Soleil show you went to on Sunday?

M: It was really fun and so different from the other Cirque show I went to a couple of years ago. It was totally different from the city was like Hollywood 40 years ago.

R: You went to the Magic Castle too, right? What'd you think of that?

M: That was really fun because I got to do a magic trick.

R: What was the magic trick you did?

M: We lifted up a huge table with our hands.

R: Do you want to come back to LA?

M: Yeah definitely.

R: Do you think you might want to be a wedding planner like your uncle when you grow up?

M: Probably, yeah.

R: Have you always wanted to do that or did you decide that on this trip?

M: I've always wanted to be that since I started watching his shows.

R: Do you miss your uncle now that he lives in LA?

M: Yeah, I saw him a lot more when he lived in NY.

R: Well you'll have to come visit again soon!

M: Yeah, hopefully!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Separate but not Equal

What do you do when there are two separate ideas for a wedding and both of them are great? Bride has an idea, groom has an idea and you’re in love with both concepts but you know both won’t work together. Do you abandon one and focus on the other? Do you try really hard to see if they can infuse together (which you know they won’t), or do you ask them to come up with a completely new idea all together that’s separate from the original ones they have? A consistent statement I always make is that you have to stay true to the story of the bride and groom, and the true story of the bride and groom is who they are as a couple which then has to portray into the vision and the concept and the style of the wedding. So, because a bride wants one thing and the groom wants another, this really is who they are. You have to embrace the situation, yet guide them at the same time. My job is to make sure that it comes off well without embarrassing them or me while making sure the guests are comfortable. So step back and look at it completely differently. Look at why you’ve picked the two choices. Maybe one of the ideas is great for the rehearsal party. Maybe the other idea is great for the wedding, or maybe one of the ideas is great for cocktails and then you change the look into the celebration for the other idea. Don’t bail out right away. Like me, investigate the situation. Ask questions to the bride and groom. Or if you are the bride and groom, ask why you picked what you picked, then find a way to make it happen and make sure it makes sense.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Shoes for my brides!

We recently shot the promos for my new shoe line coming out January 2013, so now when I tell people they'll be walking down the aisle in style, they literally will!
I'm working on an incredible, beautiful, affordable shoe line that appeals to every bride and style. From design to comfort to heel height, all of my brides will be able to walk the white carpet in style. 
Check my website often for updates!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flip flops

This is obviously just my opinion, and you don't have to agree with my little rant that's about to take place...
First off, flip flops are cute! They're great to wear at the beach, they're great to wear to the pool, but for Christmas sake, do NOT wear them as a form of fashion! And personally, it grosses me out walking in New York and seeing someone in front of me wearing flip flops, then seeing how dirty their feet are--and then knowing how those people go into a restaurant or walk around in their home or even get into bed with those flip flop feet.
I don't know why this is a guy thing, but men wear flip flops when they travel. They wear them on the plane and in the bathrooms and... it's gross. Again, it's just my opinion, and certainly a pet peeve.
I have an obsession when I'm standing in line whether at Starbucks or at the airport where I find myself looking at shoes and feet. Honestly, people's feet are really not the most attractive part of someone's body, and flip flops do nothing to cover up that fact.
So again: beach, pool, for the summer...or keep 'em at home. Simple as that.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family coming to LA this summer

When my family comes to town, I get like a little kid at the thought of spending time with my mom and dad and my little niece Mia (who's seven)! It's funny that I moved 2500 miles away from my home in New York, now living in LA, and I find that the quality of my time with them is far more memorable than my short visits with them when I lived 25 minutes away. So having them spend a full week here with myself and Ryan is always a gift. We have dinners planned, we're taking my niece to DisneyLand, we're going to Cirque du Soleil and we'll also just spend time here at the house relaxing.
My house is surrounded by so many roses and it's that way for a reason. I need to constantly remind myself to stop and smell the roses, and next month I'll be able to do just that here with my family.

Friday, July 6, 2012

What's happening on September 8th at 9pm?

Well, if you've got a date, I suggest reschedule it... If you've got a party to go to, cancel it... If you have anything planned, cancel it! Why? Because Saturday September 8th at 9pm ET/PT is the NEW date and time for the premiere of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled!! So get ready, get your popcorn, and get your tissues. It's seriously an episode not to miss--and warning, this season literally IS unveiled, so I hope you're ready!
I'm really excited about the changes in the show this season: the drama, the conflict but always ALWAYS there will be a beautiful wedding at the end! In this season of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled, you'll see the madness behind the magic!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Just got back from a pretty remarkable and amazing journey to Australia. Damn, it's far! But it's seriously worth the journey.
Sydney is an incredible city. Beautiful, clean, lots of culture, great food. But it's not where I spent my time. I spend my time on Hayman Island and Hamilton Island. 
The trip went like this: it was Los Angeles to Sydney: 14 hours. A 3 hour layover in Sydney. Then a 2 hour flight from Hamilton Island to Hayman Island. And a 1 hour journey on a yacht to the private island of Hayman in the Great Barrier Reef. Practically the middle of nowhere...but trust me, it was worth it. Nothing was so beautiful as to what I witnessed there with my eyes.
Australian people are incredibly kind, too, everywhere I went. I also had an opportunity to hold a koala in my arms and pet a kangaroo; the cockatoos are beautiful and everywhere. 
So I highly recommend that you find a time in your life to make a visit. It's pretty magical. 

P.S. I still don't understand the time difference though--17 hours forward, behind, sideways...I never knew what time it was back home. But it didn't matter because I was in Australia.

Monday, June 25, 2012

New bridal collection on the way

I know I just posted about the debut of my second collection of bridal dresses for Mon Cheri last month, but I'm already underway on my third! I'm always furiously working ahead on the next collection--always looking for fabrics that are flattering, current and affordable. 
I'm stepping even further outside the box in fashion with Mon Cheri. You're going to see even more color, more texture, and a greater variety of styles in the silhouettes. This collection will have more sparkle, a little bit more glamour and will be a little bit more red carpet than white aisle. 
The process of collaborating with Mon Cheri has been so enjoyable, and it's been amazing to have the strong support of the industry behind me, with Bridal Guide Magazine showing off seven of my dresses my first collection on their summer cover. I couldn't be more thrilled.
As always, you can view all of my dresses at

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's always a first for everything

I'm extremely proud to have been hired to be the wedding planner, wedding designer and consultant of the building of a venue created specifically for my client's wedding last month in North Carolina. And results aside, for me, it was actually hard as hell because it was so time consuming and what should've been a two year process was done in three months--oh yes, only three months! It was made possible with a team of incredible experts--I worked with the architect, construction team, electrician and the client's team. I can proudly say this was one of the most magnificent venues I've ever seen in my twenty five years as a planner. Because of my knowledge from working in event spaces that are visually and specially challenging, I took all of the things that I knew didn't work and I took all the things that I knew needed to happen in everyone's venue, and I made it happen in this venue. To see my vision for a client come alive through planning and design is incredibly rewarding and, well, no pun intended--I loved seeing this vision come alive from the ground up.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Michael's is now carrying my craft line!

I'm really excited for the launch of my craft line at Michael's today! As always, making sure that I give all my brides a chance to infuse their personality into their wedding is very important to me.
For me personally, I've been going to Michael's for years. I've shopped the aisles and with their products, brought my personality into my own celebrations, so for me to have my own line of craft products there is really exciting!!
Here is a list of stores nationwide currently carrying my line Down the Aisle in Style:

Ellicott CityMD
Saint PaulMN
Grand ForksND
El PasoTX
Colonial HeightsVA



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A new collection of gowns to choose from!

The first collection of my David Tutera for Mon Cheri had launched this spring with so many rave reviews and I'm truly excited to announce that my Fall 2012 collection has just debuted! With this new collection we really hit a new spectrum--from lace to tool to satin to shantung to silk. What I love about this Fall Collection is that we've got something for the modern bride, the vintage bride, and every bride in between. I truly promise that when you step into David Tutera for Mon Cheri gown, it will make you feel and look as you should: the most incredible and breathtaking you've ever looked.

This is such exciting news for me because I remain dedicated to the diversity of style for the diversity of women. I remain committed to making every woman feel beautiful and special. The collection is so affordable ranging from $750 to $1,575. From the details of the lace and hand-beaded Swarovski crystals and inclusion of color into the gowns, these gowns will make you feel like you were born to be a bride.

What I love is that partnering with Mon Cheri has allowed me to have a place where they listen to my voice and translate everything into the product so I can give my brides what they've been asking for. I've always felt confident that when you partner with the right manufacturer, you can actually provide a place for women to feel like you created something unique just for them. There's also something for all sizes and styles, and I mean that, all sizes. A lot of people say it, but don't really have the goods to back it up. 
I also want to thank the retailers throughout the country who have been embracing my collection and welcoming it into their boutiques for their brides. It has been incredible. I've been to many of the bridal markets across the country and it's been truly amazing to watch the buyers so excited about purchasing my line.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman's life and they should feel confident; never like they settled because they couldn't afford it. Now with my partnership with Mon Cheri and my new line, my brides can feel amazing, look spectacular and walk down the aisle with their head held high.
To view all of my new gowns, visit
With love,
David Tutera

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bridal Guide Pin to Win Contest!

I'm excited to share that I've teamed up with Bridal Guide to offer a dream wedding design by yours truly for one lucky bride-to-be in need of direction and inspiration!

For my currently engaged brides in the US, this is a special opportunity to see your vision defined, plus the winner will also receive fashion for the entire bridal party, a week-long honeymoon at a resort on the southern tip of Mexico and have their wedding featured in the pages of Bridal Guide Magazine!

To enter, go to (create a Pinterest account if you don't have one yet), and 'Follow' Bridal Guide. Then start pinning! Create a Pinterest board and pin up to 10 images from or the Bridal Guide Pinterest page that shows off the style you want for your wedding, including images that also tell a lot about who YOU are. Be sure to title your Pinterest board “Bridal Guide Dream Wedding Design Contest” and add an additional pin of the contest logo image. Oh, and I almost forgot, we want to see our adorable couples! Include another pin (for 12 total) of either a photo or video of you and your fiancé!

Submit your board by July 16th to be entered:

For all of the details, visit! GOOD LUCK!!! 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Which is exactly what I did when I saw my friends last night for my birthday because I missed them so much. Being in New York for a couple days to shoot for My Fair Wedding gave me a chance to put together a dinner with eighteen of my closest friends and of course, Ryan. 
I love just stepping back and watching my friends as they talk and eat. Because everybody there is someone I've known for so long. One friend I've known for over twenty years; I did her daughter's wedding and we've been like the best of friends since. Everyone there was also there for my wedding in Vermont and my big birthday in Italy. They're the people who I feel like we pick right back up wherever we left off. I love living in LA, but I miss my friends in NY. 
And tonight I'm going to see my mom and my dad for dinner, which also always makes me feel wonderful having that connected time. 
My staff also threw me a little party in the office with gorgeous treats care of Enjou Chocolat! 
And thank you for all of your birthday wishes, they mean a lot.
With love,


Monday, April 23, 2012

Filming of MFW has begun!

Everybody watch out and hold on to your veils because in this season of My Fair Wedding you're in for some surprises... I can't tell you too much, but I'll keep sharing tidbits along the way to the season premiere. 
We're truly covering the show reality-style this time around and what I like to say is that it's the "unveiled" version of My Fair Wedding. They're pulling back the curtain--it's not just me meeting the bride and making a few changes creating a beautiful wedding. The reality is that every wedding has its drama and has its challenges, but what they also have is me to do the best I can to step in and fix it. 
After twenty-five years of being in the business, I always say that I've seen it all--but after starting the new season of My Fair Wedding, I guess I haven't. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Should a bride DIY?

I always say that brides who plan their own weddings should have everything so prepared that the week before they aren't doing anything and instead sitting back and enjoying the excitement of the coming day of their wedding. So if a bride wants to DIY, she needs to embrace it and needs to be organzied--plan everything in advance so she's not scraping hot glue off of their nails the day before her wedding. But when they do, I love it when brides DIY because it's truly a cost-effective way to have a wedding that adds so much of their personality to it.

And with my line Down the Aisle in Style
, which you can find at Jo-Anns and AC Moore, brides can find something inexpensive that helps show off their personality. One cool thing is that you can even make a DIY wedding an opportunity to throw a crafting party, making it a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids while you enjoy a few cocktails, and you'll be proud of what you've done and what you've all made. It could be your invites, your candles, printed materials, your favors or even down to the accents on the flowers with dashes of bling. There's something to be said about doing it yourself that makes your wedding truly share that personal touch. Plus, when using my craft line, there are tips on the back of all the packaging, so I'm there for you every step of the way.

I'm all for crafting, making it special and doing it yourself... just not last minute, so you can relax and feel like a guest at your own wedding. So when you're getting ready to go down the aisle on a DIY budget--start with going down the crafting aisle first.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Subtle yet stylish hair accessories

A lot of brides don’t know what to do with their hair for their wedding. Do I wear it up, do I wear it down? Do I wear it pulled back? Do I wear it in ringlets? I hear it constantly. My advice is always to wear your hair in a way that is representative of you. You want to be recognizable to your groom and your guests—not to look like someone playing the role of a bride!

A hairpin (such as the ones in my Down the Aisle in Style™ line for Jo-Ann’s) can add a bit of personality without overpowering who you are. As for the style, I personally love when women wear their hair half-up, half-down. It shows that they’re not taking themselves too seriously and it’s a way to add a bit of playfulness to an otherwise sophisticated hairstyle.

Brides can also wear their hair fully up for the ceremony, and then switch to half up, half down for the party with the use of a gorgeous pin. Using a pin to glam up a half up, half down hairstyle is simple, stylish, not to mention inexpensive since you won’t need to hire a stylist!

The rule of thumb here is that accessorizing is crucial, and knowing how to accessorize is just as important. A beautiful pin does the job without taking away from YOU.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Blown away

Brett Culp, a videographer for many of my brides' events (in fact, almost ALL of the videos on my website were done by him!), produced this video for his favorite artist, Sarah Groves' song "Miracle". I lOVE this video and hope you do too...

Monday, March 19, 2012

LED Branches that light up centerpieces

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I like drama! My plans and designs have to be big, fabulous and over-the-top. Of course, all that drama usually equals crazy, stupid, over-the-top budgets. That’s why it made so much sense for me to create my Down the Aisle in Style™ line at Jo-Ann’s because I wanted all of my brides to have the look and feel of a dramatic and chic wedding—without having to spend a fortune.

One popular item in my Down the Aisle in Style™ collection is my set of illuminated branches. These are stylish and so much fun! They are beautiful white branches with tips that light up with battery-operated LEDs. The branches can give dramatic height to your centerpieces and create that sparkle that so many of my brides crave.

The branches are perfect for a white winter wonderland wedding—just like the one I created for my Snow White bride last month on My Fair Wedding. But you certainly don’t need to have a winter wedding to use these branches! They work just as well for ceremony archways and columns or incorporated in an all-white floral wedding design.

So no matter your budget, you can have fabulous elements that add drama, style, and sophistication to your big day!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A cage veil for vintage flair

I love hearing how so many of you were fans of my Mad Men bride this past Sunday. And I’m super shocked and super happy to find out that the birdcage veil is one of the top three items being sold from my wedding crafts line (Down the Aisle in Style™) at Jo-Anns! I included the cage veil in the collection because it’s an accessory strongly reminiscent of ’40s and ’50s style to add personality and vintage flair to your wedding fashion. I never thought it would be so popular! I’m thrilled that there are girls out there who want to step back in time as they step forward in style.

The cage veil is a fabulous accessory because it shows that the bride is fashion-forward, a little daring, and not afraid to go against the “safe” choice. The vintage style, with its delicate white netting that can be swept over the eyes, is a great substitute to the traditional long veil. But it is still a veil; therefore, I think it should be worn only for the ceremony and cocktails. At a wedding I recently attended, the bride wore a cage veil throughout the wedding. Because it is a smaller accessory, I can understand why she might have thought this was fine. However, personally and etiquette-wise, a veil should come off before you step into your party.

If you want to stay fashion-forward after the ceremony, you can switch out your cage veil for one a great brooch, hairpin or flower comb, which I’ve also included in my collection. A beautiful and unique hair accessory is another way you can sparkle head to toe!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Hate" is a four letter word

Here’s something that my grandmother said to me when I was very young: “Never use the word ‘hate.’” She told me I should never say “I hate you” or “I hate this” or “I hate…” something. “Hate,” she explained, is a very strong, very negative, very damaging word to use.

My grandmother’s message has certainly stuck, and I’m really glad it has. I honestly can’t remember the last time I said I hated someone. But if I do utter the word, it’s always in response to something that is severely wrong or to an extremely uncomfortable situation.

On the topic of “bad” words, it also bothers me when people—especially kids—call people “stupid” or say something “sucks.” These words can be hurtful, and when they come out of your mouth you come across as being disrespectful. So why say them?


Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrate National Craft Month!

I’m so excited that March is National Craft Month. As far as I’m concerned, every month should be about crafting and adding personality to your home—or wedding!

I think the success behind my Down the Aisle in Style™ line at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores comes from brides realizing that with my crafting accessories they can add that extra sparkle and unique touch to their wedding.

When developing the line, I worked hard to find materials and supplies that were affordable yet looked and felt luxurious, and that would make your projects feel like they’re truly your own. After all, making my brides feel special is the cornerstone to my events and everything in my brand!

The real inspiration for Down the Aisle in Style™ came from finding that so many women I encountered were unable to find wedding accessories that made them feel good about themselves. They struggled to create the look, feel, and style that reflected their personalities and vision. I wanted my brides to be able to walk down the store aisle, discover their sense of style, and then easily incorporate these ideas into their wedding.

With my supplies, you can customize your printed materials and add adhesive sparkles or pearls to place cards, table numbers, candles, and more. One item that I’m especially excited about—as someone who’s worked in the floral business for 25 years—is my battery-operated tapered candle, which looks like the real deal!

My collection also includes dripping crystal embellishments, crystal pendants, beautifully patterned guest books, natural wood and fabric hand fans, rhinestone bouquet wraps, and an assortment of fashion accessories (including my birdcage veil, feather hair comb, and satin clutch).

No bride likes to feel like she can’t afford to have her heart’s desire at her wedding. But this way you can step into a store, find something that speaks to you, and know that it fits within your budget. You can actually have fun as you explore all of your options and settle on those accessories that will help make your wedding all the more memorable. At Jo-Ann’s, you can practice walking down the aisle... with confidence and in style.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Never say, "No"

It’s funny how the things you learn as a kid stay with you. Second to ‘never saying goodbye’ as I mentioned before, I remember something else I learned from my dad growing up—and that’s to never say “No.” Dad always told me that if someone asks for your help or needs you to get a job done, then you should step up and do what’s needed. And if you don’t know how to do what’s asked of you, then learn it as quickly as you can!

Now in business or in my personal life, when people tell me “No,” I ask why and what I can do to change their answer to yes. This lesson has resulted in jobs I might not have gotten otherwise. Once a potential client told me “no” and chose someone else to do a particular job. I asked why the other person was chosen and she told me it was because they could do such-and-such. I instantly replied, “Well, I can do that!” And I got hired.

Never saying “no” also encourages people to give you another chance. You become someone they can depend on, which benefits everyone. About four months ago, I did a massive Indian wedding. Initially, my proposal was turned down, so I called the bride’s father and asked why he didn’t hire me. He explained why, so I adjusted the proposal, and then got the job. Persistence really does pay off.


Monday, February 20, 2012

What do I do to enjoy life?

A question people ask me all the time is what do I do to relax or have fun? For me, it's just having time off, period. For anyone who reads my blog or follows my travels on Twitter and Facebook, they know my time off is very limited, so I'm super excited that my family is coming to visit me in Los Angeles this week. That, to me, is what brings me joy: spending time with the people I really care about.

In my personal life, I like to keep things simple. With my mom, dad and brother coming to LA, of course I'll give them a taste of Hollywood showing them the sights, but most importantly, the time will be spent at home, going to dinner and then we're off to Las Vegas because my dad loves Vegas. I'm really really excited because downtime is the best time for me. That sort of just 'stopping and breathing' is few and far between for me, so this is going to be a great seven days of really enjoying my time with the people I care about.

Years ago, I was walking through the North Carolina property of one of my clients, and now friends, named Beth, and she had this magnificent rose garden. I was looking at all of the colors and feeling pleasantly overwhelmed when she asked me, "Have you ever stopped and smelled the roses, David?" I laughed, you know because it's such a cliché thing to say. But she said, "No, seriously, do you ever stop to smell the roses?" And every time she'd email me afterwards, she'd end with "Don't forget, stop and smell the roses." And I think even as cliché as it is, it's so appropriate for my life right now. You have to stop and smell the roses otherwise life will go right by and you haven't had a chance to enjoy it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Always say "I Love You"

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is the day to say “I love you” to the people in your life who mean the most to you. Every year, my partner Ryan and I exchange cards and gifts on V-Day. I also send a valentine to both my mom and niece.

But what I hope everyone remembers is that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the ONLY day to say “I love you.” It shouldn’t be said once a year… once a month… or even once a week... It should be said every single day. I say “I love you” to Ryan, my mother and my niece every time I see or speak to them. It’s a simple phrase, yet too meaningful not to say aloud.

Another wonderful habit to get into is to kiss your significant other every day—if not more often. I have a sign in my bedroom that reads “Always Kiss Me Goodnight,” which is a nice complement to always saying “I love you.”

The chocolate and flowers are great, but Valentine’s Day is only the icing on the cake!

From David, With Love

Friday, February 3, 2012

No time for Goodbyes

I have an amazing family. I really do. My parents and grandparents especially have taught me so much over the years that has helped me to become the person I am today. One of these important lessons came from my dad. I speak to him, like I do my mom, once or twice a day. And he always has this thing about never saying goodbye to me at the end of a conversation… ever! He doesn’t let people say goodbye to him. If you do it without thinking, he either won’t respond or he’ll say something else in return, like have a good day or good night. Saying goodbye is a big issue for him.
And because of him it’s become an issue for me too. I’ve found that when I go to parties or when I’m with my brides from My Fair Wedding, I don’t say goodbye. As a result, I’ve been told that sometimes I come off as aloof or rude when I leave events without notice. I remember one time I attended a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend I hadn’t seen in years, and at the end of the night I left quietly. Mind you, I’d spent five hours mingling at the party. I just didn’t say goodbye.
Like my dad, I find the word “goodbye” to be very final. It doesn’t leave a door open to reconnect like “I’ll see you in a day” or “I’ll see you in ten years.” I’d rather not have that final moment with someone that I very much want to hear from again. And those people include my brides from My Fair Wedding as well as my clients-turned-friends.
Not saying goodbye to someone means you look forward to the next time you’re going to see that person. And for me personally, it almost forces me to mentally make plans to meet again because I feel like I owe my friends that next moment because I didn’t say goodbye. This way of thinking is subconscious and… maybe a little odd… but it works for me.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I can't believe this note, wow

My breath is taken away by what she wrote, my "Swamp" bride Courtney on My Fair Wedding. It's pretty remarkable, and I wanted to share with others how special she is. This is why I continue to love what I do.

Hey David,
Here is a part of my book I have began. It is written "To My Love" as this is a diary I began when I was on my own....To you David-may you always be blessed for being such a blessing.
To My Love- My Frog Prince,
As a young girl I fell in love with frogs. Something about the four-legged creatures and their myth stole my heart. I eventually became obsessed. I found happiness and comfort in their eyes, color, and character. As an adult, I have found a meaning for my obsession. On March 23, 2010 a man came to visit me. His name was David Tutera. I knew very little of his character and creativity but soon learned his miracles. David is named one of the best wedding and event planners of our time, and I was a chosen bride. [From] the excitement in the voices of family and friends around me, I began to discover how wonderful this opportunity was. Although expectations were rising, I couldn't help but remain the me I lived with, the me I couldn't develop, the me I've been searching for.
A maroon van pulled into my driveway 3 weeks before my wedding. Packed inside were people, cameras, coolers, lights, and more. As the unloading began, I was greeted with smiles and questions. Nervously, I sent smiles and shaking responses in return. I had no idea what to expect. As they moved all the material needed into my home, they began re-arranging furniture and wall hangings. I took brief notice but left my concern to the arrival of this David guy. Some time had passed and the moment approached. I stood anxiously awaiting his knock. I opened the door and there he was. A handsome man, slightly taller than me with eyes that sparkled green. He had dark hair that stood firm with product to ensure every strand stay perfectly in place. David's smile could light all of earth and each planet. I quickly took both hands and greeted him with a kiss to both cheeks. I did not feel star struck, but I was definitly speechless and nervous was an understatement. As we made our way to the sofa, I realized I couldn't stop smiling. I was unsure why (certainly was not the wedding planning) but I smiled anyway. Wedding planning was a nightmare to me. The interest was never there before and remained uninteresting now. In my younger years I never dreamed of a wedding day, only the marriage. I had been so fickle with all of my choices for everything. I spent countless hours searching web pages, bridal magazines, and stores trying to figure out what would work best for my wedding day. As the pressure built, I placed the wedding details in the hands of others to prevent making decisions I had no interest in. A wedding day pre- David seemed a waste of time and money. It was a day to please those around me with expensive decor, top shelf booze, music and formal attire. Yes, I understand it is a celebration of love. As a guest of many weddings, rarely have I remembered the detail of the wedding, but [wondered] whether the bride and groom held the love they shared on that expensive day. People are spending thousands on a wedding to divorce days later. Clearly was a waste to me when I see real families starving. Children raising themselves and their friends because parents are struggling to keep a roof over their head and clothes on their backs. I did not and could not understand the concept behind a wedding day.
Anyway, I sat with David and told him of all the ideas I wanted for my wedding. I wanted an outdoor wooded oasis. Somehow it turned swamp by the introduction from family members that wrote the my fair wedding show to get David's help. Apparently, my ideas weren't enough for those involved. Either way, I truly want to say Thank You for the people who chose me, those that thought I deserved to have a dream and live it through. David has given me something to cherish for a lifetime. ME! For that, I will always be forever grateful to him and his team! David is my Frog Prince; when kissed, he made me a princess. David does not only create the most exquisite atmosphere for weddings and events. David gives women a sense of self. He creates beauty around the beautiful, brings confidence to those lost in everyday reality. Does he know how magical he really is?
After many changes to my original set of ideas, I couldn't wait to see the final outcome. My hotel room was full of people and cameras on my special day. Make-up artists and hair designers were at work, interviews were rolling, and cameras were gathered in my face. The only thing missing was the one who kissed the bride and tells her she's the most beautiful bride they've ever seen. I was missing my parents, my mom, my family; someone to comfort me was missing. As everyone applied their finishing touches, it was time to reveal myself. My chair was spun toward the mirror, and my heart stopped. "WoW" I thought! She looks like a model! That girl in the mirror is flawless, all grown-up, she's a woman. The most beautiful bride I had ever seen. I could only think how proud my mother would have been if she could have seen me on that day. As I fought back the tears of loneliness, I gathered my smile for the cameras and drifted into the role of a bride.
Making my way, blindly, from the limo to my room at the venue, the excitement and nervousness of a wedding set in. Although I felt gorgeous, something was still uneasy in my heart. It was time to show David just how beautiful he had chosen me to be. I slowly made my way down a few stairs that set me on a small platform leading to more stairs that separated me from David. I stopped briefly. The look in his eyes took my breathe away. It made me feel like I was the most beautiful in the World. I wore that feeling close to my heart from that day forward. David handed me the most beautiful, unique bouquet I had ever seen.
As I walked toward the aisle, David greeted me one last time. He kissed my cheek gently and whispered "this is your runway, enjoy every minute." I looked into David's eyes, smiled and began my walk. My veil was blowing roughly in the wind. I remember being yanked back when it wrapped around a tree in the aisle. I untangled it and finished what I had started.
After the ceremony and pictures, it was time for David to reveal his revision. Blindly, I entered the room. I could hear wind blowing ferociously around. I didn't know what to expect. David slowly counted to three and I opened my eyes. I began to cry. If I could take that room and place it my home, I would be the happiest girl in the world. David not only made my idea ABSOLUTELY breath-taking, he gave me something no one else can claim. David made me realize a sense of myself. Through his creativity and vision, he has taught me how to make decisions based on how I feel. I have learned to love myself and cherish all things given to me. I could never put a price on what this man has done. I truly cannot thank him enough. I am so blessed to have met such an amazing heart. I am encouraged to follow my heart and dreams. Dreams, they do come true, even when you think you never had one. David's love completely shines through. As for me, I'm still learning. I'm embracing the journey and cannot wait to see the miracles he brings in the future.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I just met a girl named Maria

I always say you can't judge a dress on the hanger, which is like you can't judge a book by its cover. And in this situation, I should have listened to myself because when I landed in Chicago last Friday--after a cancelled flight, being rerouted through St. Louis, and hours delayed, I finally landed hours and hours and hours late, I was exhausted and the car service that picked me up seemed a little sketchy. It was an old white sedan with a woman, the driver, standing in almost a big puddle on the street out by the snow. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to get in, but I was so tired and I just wanted to get as far from an airplane as possible.

The inside of the car was worse than the outside. It smelled like bad leftover takeout and had an oversized pink disco ball on the ceiling..... The driver turned to me and asked nicely, "Do you like my car?" and I said something along the lines of "Eh, it's OK," and long story short, she was like, "You don't like my car?" I quickly responded, "No, I like your car, I like your car. It's OK, it's OK." It was like midnight and I was so tired... But we got talking, she was asking questions, and she was just really really sweet. She's Greek and had lost all of her savings and everything in the financial downfall there, so she moved with her husband and her four-year-old son Nicholas here where she has family.

So we were just talking and she kept asking me if I liked coffee and of course I said I did, and she said she'd make me Greek coffee in the morning from her house when she would come pick me up. Also, when she found out what I did for a living although she didn't know who I was, when her husband called she said, "I have a Hollywood actor in the car!" which is obviously the wrong terminology for me... But she wound up being this, at first, stranger in the night, who was really this adorable, sweet person that I got a chance to speak with. And then when she came the next day, she was so excited to pick me up (with coffee as promised) and she told me all of her girlfriends were freaking out because she was driving 'David Tutera' around...

We ended up getting to Milwaukee two and a half hours early, thinking there would be more traffic with the weather, so we stopped for breakfast and went shopping at an outlet mall where I bought something for her son, and we had a GREAT time. After my speaking appearance, she had the car there waiting for me, and I guess she overheard me earlier ordering a Venti quad cappuccino, because in the car was one that she had went out and bought for me!

She just was the sweetest girl who was far more than just a driver for two days, she was actually like having a companion and keeping me in good company when I was with her. I tell this story because, I could have easily complained right away and got a new driver, or chose to keep my mouth shut and not spoken to her, but I'm glad I kept the wall down and let her in.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patience equals power

While traveling abroad recently, I learned something about how people handle communication barriers. When you’re out of your comfort zone, it’s an incredible test of your patience. Visiting a foreign country and not being able to speak the local language can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re trying to get directions, make a purchase or decipher a menu. But when you react negatively to the locals in response to your frustration, you only make matters worse. Openly displaying impatience to the person you are trying to communicate with is just plain disrespectful.

I was disappointed to witness someone fly off the handle unnecessarily on several occasions during our travels. She lacked patience and lacked respect for those around her. Having patience—that is, stepping back and choosing to remain calm when you’re having trouble communicating—instantly earns you power and respect. I saw that firsthand. This kind of power lets you take control of any difficult situation and work toward making it better. Losing your cool does nothing but bring you the wrong kind of attention. It’s one of the worst ways of trying to get what you want.

Patience and power. Until now, I never realized just how much those two words make sense together.


Friday, January 13, 2012

One person CAN make a difference

This past weekend I attended a bridal expo in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, where I met the most remarkable young girl named Hayley. It was a highlight of a seven-week block of travel (which included flying on 16 different planes!). Hayley is a sweet girl with a beautiful heart. She started a charitable organization called Every-1 to help create jobs worldwide in a way that people in tough economic times can afford to give, one dollar at a time. Hayley’s message is simply that everyone can make a difference. And it’s so true! Every act of kindness, no matter how small, can really change the world. I truly believe that. Hayley, you are an inspiration—not only to me, but to everyone!

To help Hayley in her mission, visit her site: