Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Bridal Collection is Launching in Michaels!

I am incredibly excited that my David Tutera Bridal Collection is launching in all Michaels stores next month (March) because it includes incredible products that adds sparkle, personality and everything a bride is hoping for on her wedding day. Brides can now really can walk down the aisle with confidence, knowing that they were able to find something within their budget that makes their day that much more special. I’m very proud of the details in the line because “Do It Yourself” can sometimes become overwhelming to a bride, but these items are all wonderful add-ons that easily give your wedding personality--whether it be to your candles, printed materials, picture frames for your tables, LED branches for your flower centerpieces or even the bling that can pop into the center of a rose that can add that fairy-tale, princess, glamorous effect that you might be going for. 

Overall, it’s been a really great ride for me over the past 25 years to go from creating high-end celebrations for my brides to now be able to provide the knowledge of high-end celebrations to brides on a budget. Ultimately, the David Tutera Bridal Collection provides solutions, glamour, inspiration and affordability to every bride who truly wants to walk down the aisle in style.