Monday, July 11, 2011

Love, Family and Dreams ... you don't need much else

I’m about to head to sleep after yet another wedding weekend spent with my magical bride and her loved ones, but I just had to write down some thoughts and feelings that have overwhelmed me.
First off, my amazing LA event coordinator, Alissa, knocked this one OUT OF THE PARK! I can’t do everything on my own and having such talented and hardworking people that CARE working with me is such a blessing. Alissa REALLY made me look good this week!
So my bride. Wow. What a beautiful and sweet woman. She lost her mother tragically (and at a very young age) and what amazed me was just how tight knit, supportive and unconditionally loving this family was. To have such sadness at such a young age and to come out so strong and joyous is simply heartwarming. They spent a lot of the evening thanking me and hugging me but again, I am forever thankful for what they do for me. I spent the night in tears. I help bring their dreams to reality, but they bring me clarity in life. These women, and especially my bride tonight, really understand the importance of living life to the fullest and being joyful.
Tonight I had yet another first with a bride. But this time … the roles were reversed. My bride and groom invited me to the dance floor and told me to close my eyes. MY EYES! I was excited, shocked, nervous … and of course couldn’t stop crying. My couple had purchased me a thank you gift in the form of a piece of art. This piece is titled “Girls Best Friend” by Nelson de le Nuez and get this… she told me that this painting is actually a representation of me … because I’m a girls best friend. Speechless. I was, and still am, simply speechless.
I really need to head to sleep but I had to write down how I am continually humbled and inspired by the kind, grateful and warm people I get to work with and meet on a daily basis. Sweet dreams everyone … I know mine will be.