Friday, June 17, 2011

“You can turn off the sun, but I’m still gonna shine” ~Jason Mraz

There are so many moments that change your life forever and the funny part is most of the time you never even see them coming.

Last week I was at the gym (I have to admit, I’m addicted) and I noticed a man in a wheelchair working out next to me. My immediate reaction was to feel sorry for this man. Don’t get me wrong, he was lifting more weight than most people there, but I felt sorry that he not only didn’t have the use of his legs, he didn’t have legs past his thighs.

I thought about this man a lot over the next few days; going up and down my stairs, driving my car, even just putting my feet on the ground while getting out of the bed had my mind wandering towards this man at the gym. So fast forward to yesterday. I saw him again! Since he’d been so often in my mind and heart, I just HAD to talk to him. (Everything happens for a reason, right?) I won’t mention his name but this is his story:

He was in the military for years, fighting hard for our country and freedom, when he lost his legs in battle. Not only did this NOT make him feel sorry for himself…it made him fight harder and this time he was fighting to achieve a dream that had always taken a backseat to his duty. This awesome guy is now an Olympic skier with the most positive outlook on life, love and the world. He truly sees this as (again) something that “happened for a reason”. Wow!!

SO INSPIRING, right? I am still smiling over this conversation. And as I look back to last week I can’t help but laugh at myself for feeling BAD for him! As cliché as these sound, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “things aren’t always as they seem”, they are so true!!

Remember to never take anything in life for granted and more importantly, inspiration is everywhere and in everyone…pay attention, take the time to ask questions and you’ll find beauty in the most unassuming places.



  1. What an amazing story!!! Wow . . . just WOW. I love talking to people and hearing their stories and struggles. We're all human after all! :) Thank you so much for sharing this man's story. Fantastic reminder of what our mindset should be: Always pushing forward towards our goals instead of tearing others down.

    Have an amazing day!!

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  2. My aunt has a bone desease that has made her dependent on a wheelchair her whole life. It has never stopped her from doing anything she ever wanted to. You just simply find a way. I realize now as an adult how much of an inspiration she has always been in my life. I don't usually look upon the hadicapt with pity because of her, she doesn't need it. I'm so glad you came to the same conclusion with your new friend and I'm glad you shared. Truly inspirational!

  3. What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing! So inspirational!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. "Don't judge a book by its cover" so true! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing and thanks for being you. You are an amazing person with the biggest heart I have ever seen. I cry everytime I watch your shows. I pray God blesses you with all the joy and love you share so generously with others.

  6. your a very special guy david i watch ur show all the time even reruns... i love the way u put things together and the way u make people happy .. ur show has given me a few ideas on how im going to decorate for my parents 50th anniversary party and maybe my son's wedding in a few years or maybe i can have u do his wedding :) ...god bless u ur awesome

  7. David These men and women are truly inspiring people and we try to help them in every way to get out and enjoy life no matter what.My father in law made it his mission as a above the knee amputee to give any disabled person the chance to enjoy life. I'm sure he the gentleman you are speaking of is most likely a member of our Freedom Team.
    I love your comment Remember to never take anything in life for granted and more importantly, inspiration is everywhere and in everyone…pay attention, take the time to ask questions and you’ll find beauty in the most unassuming places.
    Thank you for sharing David

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    Have a wonderful day!
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