Monday, July 11, 2011

Love, Family and Dreams ... you don't need much else

I’m about to head to sleep after yet another wedding weekend spent with my magical bride and her loved ones, but I just had to write down some thoughts and feelings that have overwhelmed me.
First off, my amazing LA event coordinator, Alissa, knocked this one OUT OF THE PARK! I can’t do everything on my own and having such talented and hardworking people that CARE working with me is such a blessing. Alissa REALLY made me look good this week!
So my bride. Wow. What a beautiful and sweet woman. She lost her mother tragically (and at a very young age) and what amazed me was just how tight knit, supportive and unconditionally loving this family was. To have such sadness at such a young age and to come out so strong and joyous is simply heartwarming. They spent a lot of the evening thanking me and hugging me but again, I am forever thankful for what they do for me. I spent the night in tears. I help bring their dreams to reality, but they bring me clarity in life. These women, and especially my bride tonight, really understand the importance of living life to the fullest and being joyful.
Tonight I had yet another first with a bride. But this time … the roles were reversed. My bride and groom invited me to the dance floor and told me to close my eyes. MY EYES! I was excited, shocked, nervous … and of course couldn’t stop crying. My couple had purchased me a thank you gift in the form of a piece of art. This piece is titled “Girls Best Friend” by Nelson de le Nuez and get this… she told me that this painting is actually a representation of me … because I’m a girls best friend. Speechless. I was, and still am, simply speechless.
I really need to head to sleep but I had to write down how I am continually humbled and inspired by the kind, grateful and warm people I get to work with and meet on a daily basis. Sweet dreams everyone … I know mine will be.



  1. David, I am watching my fair wedding right now, and I just wanted to tell you that I think what you do is so amazing. You touch so many people and help to make their dreams come true. I think you are such an inspiring person. I hope one day I can help people too :)

  2. David, I have been watching My Fair Wedding for 2 years now and you have inspired me so much as a person! I watch week after week, how you make the brides and grooms feel your love and theirs. I'm getting ready to plan my best friends' wedding and I want it to be HER day. I will be taking many lessons from you, reading your book (as soon as I find it1) and thinking, "What would David do?" I will keep you posted on find I learn as this process continues. Until then, keep doing what you do! My love to you and your family!

  3. David, I'm from Puerto Rico and I move to Jacksonville 5 years ago with my 2 children, after some hard time in this country I finally got a job in the school system as a translator, and couple months ago I met one of the most important persons in my life, my fiance. He opens his heart for my kids and me, trying to make me feel the most special woman in this world, he proposed on June 4 and we save the date for November 6. He's trying to do his best giving me the wedding that I never had before. It's challenging. I'm trying to do it by myself but is almost impossible, im not asking for a fairy tale wedding, just want to have the resources to follow my dream and having a wedding with our family members from Puerto RIco. We got our place Holiday Inn orange park, at least people would have a place to meet, but we dont have any of our decorations, we're running really out of time but I trust in your sensibility and maybe you could gave us some advices from where finds flowers, decorations.

    Yari Rosado

  4. You're such a sweetie David. I love how down to earth you are and how your fame hasn't changed you in a negative way like it does most people. You spread love and kindness to all you meet and I'm not surprised when you receive it in return. Your smile just lights up a room and you really care about others and truly want to make others happy. You have a beautiful soul and God really blessed this earth when he sent you here. <3 Your brides are so lucky to have you as a friend...wish I had a friend as sweet and caring as you.
    Lots of love and best wishes always,

  5. David, I just want to say that I think you are wonderful. I ve been watching your show now for a long time and I must say that before, I never wanted to have a big wedding. I've had so many disapointments. I lost my 5 month son to SIDS and my oldest nephew to street violence. And then I met my fiance 3 years ago and he gave new meaning to the word love. He is my best friend and the love of my life and I am so blessed to share a love with him that many women may never know. We watch your show all the time and just love how you can take some of the craziest themes and turn them into sophisticated, timeless and unforgettables weddings for women and families across the country. It is truly a beautiful soul that can create and bring such love into the world. Take it from me that the love you receive from your brides is well desereved and not enough for making so many dreams come true. Hopefully when its our turn, you'll come to Charlotte, NC and make a magical memory with us and other brides in North Carolina!

    We wish you all the best and many blessings!

    All our love and Friendship,

    Shemaine Fox and Herbert Pickens

  6. Greetings David, You inspire me to dream bigger no matter the crazy looks I get from my husband. Ha ha. All jokes aside I think its neat to be in the midst of love and know that you had a part in the most magical beginning of these couples lives. May you enjoy your painting and the warmth gratitude it was wrapped in. You completely deserve it. May your dreams be sweet and your days fantastic. Cisne _Rocio

  7. Dear David,

    You are simply the best! I've watched every episode of My fair wedding, and I have made a point to tape it so I never miss any of the episodes. Little did I know that my own wedding will be happening next year (summer 2012) after my now Fiancee surprised me by proposing on a carnival cruise vacation. But it only gets better! Intermitently, my sister is also planning a wedding next year and so we are thinking of having a DOUBLE wedding ceremony---something I have yet to see on my fair wedding! (hint: hint). It will be our Dream come true to have you as our wedding planner. I can't imagine how blessed we would be, when we hear the knock on the door and Whoalla! It's David Tutera! We are planning a wedding in the summer (June/July timeframe), in Dallas, Texas. Where will you be, David, where will you be???

  8. David, your shows inspire every bride to be that most beautiful bride in the entire world. Each wedding is unique but you make it the most beautiful wedding and most memorable every bride dreamt of in their whole life. You are a great person and we are blessed that there's someone like you who cares. You are the Genie in a bottle of every bride. Please come to Maryland!

  9. Mr. David Tutera I was just wondering when will the wedding you blog about "Love, family and Dreams ... you don't need much else" airs. I would love to see it, I too lost my mom at a young age. I love watching how you make other peoples dreams come true it's like you just go inside these brides mind and pull out their dreams. I don't think they even know what their dreams are until you show it to them I defintly needed you when I got marry I always felt I wasn't allow to dream to much reality staring me in the face so much to deal with no time to dream. so by the time I was to be marry I forgot how to dream, so I did what others wanted and went along with their dreams or what they thought my wedding should be like watching your show is bitter sweet for me because I still don't know how to dream but man do I love watching you dream. I have often said that forget Diamonds David Tutera aka DT is a girls bestfriend.

  10. Dear David,
    Why would you be shocked to receive a beautiful piece of art as a thank you? david you are art. Not just the events you create or the gowns you design but YOU!. thank you for your inner light and joy that shows through on every show. You make me smile like every good piece of art, you evoke deep emotion in people thank you. i have no agenda, no tragedy to share just wanted you to know that you are awesome.. here is a quote from an amazing lady... we cannot all do great things in this life but we can all do small things with Great love. thank you for being you.
    God Bless love ya Beth

  11. Dear David, Just watched the mini-truck wedding; it is my all time Fave of your David T weddings ever !!! ~ spot-lights your über talent & charm (parking lot wedding site to show-stopper !). And the couple is so sweet & gracious; what a Cinderella Story with the Bride. You were the perfect nurturing God-Father to full fill her dreams! Inspiring and Lovely, simply lovely!! God Bless you & yours ! Anne

  12. Hello David. I love your show. I am an almost 65-year old who has never been a bride. I planned my November 5th wedding and had to postpone to another date in the future due to my fiance being diagnosed with cancer. Our bills are great and we just couldn't afford the extra cost of a wedding while he is still under treatment. He is doing well and we are looking forward to a wedding in 2012. You never show a bride in my age group and I am at a loss as to whether or not I should actually dare to be one. We had our bridesmaids picked out, our venue, our groomsmen, our photographer, our music, our flowers and of course, my dress...but it was not to be. I would love to have guidance from you and would love to offer to be an example on your show as a "granny" bride...I could use you David. Thanks.

  13. My name is Felicia Joseph and I wanted to let you know that you are someone I look up to. I like the way you make a woman feel beautiful for what she has and that you think they arew all queens in their own way. For a long time I struggled with inner beauty and I wondered for a long time who would love me and would I ever get married? But after watching my fair wedding I realized that I could be loved for me. I really do like what you do with weddings. My mom is actually getting married in July and I get to plan it. I take some of the tips and ideas you have it in your show and apply it to her wedding. But David, I honestly just wanted to let you know that you are a true inspiration to me and that I hope to pass what you have shown me to have truly touched my heart.

  14. Hello, my name is Penny and I have been watching MY FAIR WEDDING for ages and have been so inspired by your ideas and your creativity. I am currently planning our daughter's wedding that is to happen in about a year, and have been 'squirreling away' items that I have purchased i.e. crystal and pearl necklaces (lariet) for her bridal girls, card box, her gloves, flower girl baskets, your crystal picks for flower arrangements, mint julep cups to hold bridal party bouquets, thank yous, etc. to help defray costs. Have been trying to help her think of a 'theme' for her summer wedding. She wants callas, summer Gerbera daisies and summer garden flowers but she also wants Rhinestone wrap around her basic white rectangle cake with a few strategically set callas .. and I also got her the rhinestone strip 'bling' (David Tutera) for her shoes. Any ideas on what to call her 'theme'? We want to hold wedding and recep. at a beautiful place we found called Lakeside Banquet and Meeting in Navaare Ohio. They are online and have a video that you can watch. She wants tall callas centerpiece and fuchia napkins and tiny bundles of summer flowers (different) on each table. Think it will be lovely and Lakeside does most of the decorating for you which is great. Would love your input as you always pull things together and make things 'bigger' and better. God Bless.

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