Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To my fans of ALL ages

Next to meeting so many incredible brides and being able to make their wedding dreams come true, what I love MOST about My Fair Wedding is how it brings families together—that is, the families who gather around the living room to watch the show faithfully each week. It makes me so happy to know that multiple generations—grandparents along with their children and their grandkids... and maybe even their great grandkids—have something to look forward to on Sundays. I love meeting these viewers and hearing their stories about how the show has given them another chance to bond and laugh with their families. In our crazy-busy lives, we could all use some more of that!

One of my most wonderful and devoted fans is 82-year-old Dorothy, whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently. She is a huge follower of the show and especially enjoys watching it with her loved ones. I could probably have spent hours listening to Dorothy’s funny anecdotes and her takes on some of the more crazy ideas my brides had in mind for their wedding. The show makes her smile, and getting to know her made me smile—which is so important because feeling the joy is what it’s all about!

Dorothy, I adore you! Thank you for sharing your happiness and for touching my heart.



  1. I just want you to know how much I simply adore you!!! You are great, your so sweet and kind hearted. Your such an amazing person, I'm sure you hear this often but I mean this from the bottom of my heart I am such a big fan of yours.

  2. David, I so enjoy watching your show and the magic you bring to each one of your weddings!! What do you suggest for an older bride to wear to her subsequent wedding? We want something nice, semi formal and possibly in Las Vegas and then have a nice reception back home in our state? Any suggestions?

  3. Awwww, how truly sweet! I love how... REAL you are, and your genuine love of your work - and of others in general. Thank you so much! Your show is such a breath of fresh air after seeing an episode of "Bridezillas!"

    My daughter & I have been watching your show via Netflix and LOVING seeing how you make dreams come true! She daydreams about her someday-in-the-future wedding, while we watch for goodies we can use for my 20th wedding anniversary vow renewal together. We can't wait to see more episodes together!

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  5. Can't wait to see your next post. Your fans will love that for sure.


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