Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love my family

Last Sunday I attended a Christmas dinner hosted by my aunt Maria—who’s like a sister to me—and her amazing husband, Andre. This dinner was special for many reasons. First, Maria (or Ria, as I call her) and her family have endured a challenging year because of Andre’s ongoing battle with cancer. I am constantly amazed how they are able to get through each day with such dignity and grace. The way they are able to focus on being positive and celebrating the joys in life is remarkable and truly inspiring.

Sunday’s dinner was an especially beautiful celebration. Ria invited relatives who we often see at our family gatherings, family members we don’t see often enough, and then there were a few relatives who some of us hadn’t seen in decades—if at all. I felt the warmth and abundance of love as soon as I stepped inside the home. Ria has this thing she says that always makes me smile because I hear in her voice how much she means every word. She says “I love my little family.” And it’s so true. Family is everything. She literally brought our little family together by organizing such a wonderful dinner. The food was great, and the company was even better. It was a magical time. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift. Thank you, Ria. And happy holidays, everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas David! I'm delighted to hear that you and your family got together for such a wonderful celebration. I just recently lost my father this past October and having that void within my heart and here in our family makes it hard to accept that it is Christmas time. Its a blessing to hear that your Uncle is continuing on with such strength through his battle! I wish him continued strength and prayers! Merry Christmas and a blessed and Happy New Year!!

    Your #1 Fan from Pittsburgh,PA
    Renee' Caruso

  2. David,
    I am so sorry to hear of Andre's struggle. I have lost so many relatives to cancer, and I know what a struggle it can be. Your family sounds a lot like you; truly kind, strong, brave, beautiful, and loving. I'm sure you've been through much in your life, David, because no one with such luminescence, love, and humility has had an easy life. You have risen above, time and time again, and you are truly an inspiration. I watch "My Fair Wedding" and laugh and smile and cry. (And take notes for my future wedding! You're just so chic!) It seems to me that you have become more sensitive and aware because of your painful experiences in a world that tries desperately to make you (and the rest of us) hardened. Your love and positivity are contagious, and in that way, you are changing the world. I am braver because of you, and you are SO very brave! Happy holidays and all-a-days to you!

    Much love to you from Nashville, TN.
    xoxoxo <3

  3. Happy Holidays!!! WE look forward to your inspirational ideas and words. My Fair Wedding episodes are very very touching and thank you for sharing your personal stories on this blog. My fiance and I are planning our wedding at the Winds Resort, Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina in May 2012. We love you!!!

    Jim Smetana and Judy Minhas
    Englewood OH

  4. Dear David,
    I just wanted to say that when ever I catch your show on tv..I am taken by how kind of heart you are. We are blessed to have people like you in the world! Many blessing to you David for the year to come..and may it be filled with special joys!

  5. David,
    Merry Christmas even though it's past.
    I wish my family was like yours David. With my daughter and her family living in Texas I don't celebrate the holidays anymore. I hve four sisters and two brothers and they go to family get togethers and I am home alone.

    I hve lost friends to cancer and both parents to heart attacks. My mom had cancer ( and her only sister) and my oldest sister is in remission from it. I'll find out this coming April if I have it. I lost an aunt and cousin to cancer.

    I am so sorry about your uncle. With a nephew such as you; he will gather your strentgh to help him though the ruff spots. It breaks my heart when I see children affected with this disease. Hopefully in my grand children or great grand childrens lifetime they will eventually find a cure for cancer.

    I love your show and some I laugh thru and others I cry thru. The one that really had me laughing is when you took the bride to be horse back riding. I laughed because the same thing happened to me and I was riding bare back. The show with you taking the bride to be on a roller coaster would have made me jump ship at the starting post.

    Your show is truly amazing and it shows the love and caring you show to each and every one of your brides to be. That's a quality you do not find in too many men.

    Stay safe and stay warm.
    Happy New Year,

    xoxo with a big (((David)))

  6. happy holidays from israel!
    every once in a while i love to come to the website, read your blog and look again at the beautiful pictures, and ever time find new detail that i may have missed the time before.

    enjoy some fun time with family and friends!

  7. Dear David,
    You are simply amazing. You hear this a lot on all of your comments, I've seen. But every single one of these people are telling the absolute truth. When I first saw your show, My Fair Wedding, I fell in love!! When my friends ask me what I'm doing on Sundays, I say "Watching My Fair Wedding!" and the responses I usually get are "you're addicted to that show" and "Just marry David, for goodness sake!" I want to let you know (not that you need letting know) that you are just a beautiful person all around. Your passion, your humor, your talent, your personality just bursts with electrifying affection for what you do! My dream would be for you just to attend my wedding. That would be fanatical! However, planning my wedding... well, I might just faint. I saw that you went to Charlotte, NC in September and that you loved it! I live not even 40 minutes away and I wish I would have known beforehand. My mom and I used to have a terrible relationship but I made her watch My Fair Wedding one day, and ever since we have watched every episode together. Laughing and enjoying what you bring to the table. Thank you so much for that. Keep doing what you do, because you change lives!


  8. Hi, david..

    i didn't know much about you till i watch 'My Fair Wedding'..
    How i wish there are David Tutera in Singapore for my wedding in Oct 2012..

    Keep up your good Works..!!


  9. Good Evening David,
    I just saw your blog and I want to thank you for sharing your family memories with us. I love to watch your show 'My Fair Wedding' and I can see how much of a big heart you have. I pray for healing for your uncle and blessings to you and your family this New Year. God bless you and your family!!! Hope to see more of you on 'My Fair Wedding'
    God Bless from Puyallup Washington
    Miranda J

  10. OMGA!! I love you.

    I read your blog and I am happy you had a wonderful time during the holidays. I made the best of it, my mother who has been in and out the hospital just had a knee replacement a week before Christmas so it was difficult but she is pushing through it. I have been engaged for 2 years and I thought we were going to have a wedding this year but do to financial struggle we have to wait till 2012. Since I am in school working on my Bachelors and my fiancé is working on his Masters degree we don't seem to have time or the finances to manage. I have hope that this wedding will happen, it’s just going to have to wait. I never thought that I would say that as a little girl your wish and dream about that day, I already picked my dress but I just have not had the courage to purchase it without setting the date and also knowing the financial struggle we are in. Well, I guess that’s my wedding story in a nutshell. I would like to tell you that I always watch your show and I always look on the web to check if you’re coming to Chicago I would love to be on your show. I love you so much and admire your talent, take care.

    Marisol M from Chicago

  11. I meant to say we have to wait till 2013 to have our wedding. Sorry not 2012.

  12. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo David and Family.. I am deeply touched by your work and your representation of life. Your family is very lucky to have the spark of positivity and strength you possess as they undergo life's obstacles. As a daughter and primary caregiver to my Mother who has Early Onset Alzheimers I can relate at a deeper level how the celebration of life is the most important action one must take. My mothers birthday is on Valentines Day and after viewing your WE shows all night tonight, I prompted to search for your site and you gave me a great idea for her birthday this year.. Although she is now in a wheelchair and I am responsible for her every need .. her eyes demonstrate more, the connection we share is spiritual since she no longer speaks although she mumbles scrambled words. Alzheimers is a very slow and tormenting disease and watching your show and realizing I am not the only one out there brings comfort to me .. Your programs make me cry and feel good inside.. thank you for being you.

    Maribel Acevedo

    PS: I am single and not looking to get married tomorrow however you bring me hope :-)

  13. David,

    I just moved to write something I don't usually do on a public blog but I have been watching your show only a few weeks and your amazing light and spirit shine through so much I felt pulled to write. Then I saw your post about Andre dealing with cancer and the way you are able to look with so much feeling and love you have a healer's spirit about you.

    Being a healer myself who had to heal herself through a life threatening illness stage 3 liver disease and was on chemo for a year with one of the doctors giving up on me I know what it is like to be in the unknown for those going through illness and their loved ones. That is why I became a healer since I had to rely on myself against my own doctors statistics to beat the disease and now help others deal with Embracing the Unknown in life, love, illness and get them to see it as the place of magic where all is possible. That is what you do for the brides you work with get them to see their own magic and all is possible in themselves not just the dream wedding that is the external but I see how you transform the internal in them as well - so beautiful.

    I watch your show as an older broad 50 but still a little girl at heart right after chemo I lost my fiance to a hit and run 5 years ago and still want that dream guy and wedding. So maybe if I manifest him in 2012 you'll still be going strong with your show and a not so young woman can get a chance for a dream wedding. Anything is possible.

    Not too many people move me enough to write and never thought watching a wedding show would move me the way it does . I see it in my clients so many women don't see their own beauty, femininity and their gifts and you help them to shine their inner light.

    Your light is huge and it touches everyone you work and you are a healer in so many ways - you are truly a gift as a person with the work you are doing.

    Love and light,


  14. Its amazing how something as simple as a meal can bring people together. I am a culinary student from Omaha Nebraska and I chose my degree based on my love for food alone. Being able to cook for people and see them enjoy it just makes me want to cook even more! My love for food comes from my grandma and grandpa back in California. My grandma unfortunately lost her battle to Alzheimer's disease/Dementia in 2009, I miss her greatly and my grandpa always used to tell me to follow my dreams so here I am, finally a culinary student.

    I am planning for my wedding currently on Oct 6th 2012. I want to take my friends and family through a journey of my relationship with my fiance by way of food. Things that are meaningful to us like our Valentines dinners and bits and pieces that we've found along the way that we love.

    I also wanted to mention how I appreciate your contributions to the Alzheimer's Association. There needs to be more people in the world like you, this world is truly blessed to have you on it. It is hard to see someone you love go through such a horrible time in their life and how it effects not only them but the people around them. Let us hope that someday there will be a cure or prevention measures to be taken so no one ever has to go through losing beautiful moments of their lives.

  15. Family is absolutely everything!!! I have just discovered your show and LOVE IT!!!! You are such an amazing talent and soul. Many Blessings to you and your family this New Year!!!!

  16. Dearest David-
    I want to say just how MUCH I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU ! The gentleness, caring, kind and insightful nature of yours is so compelling to the heart. You inspire joyful tears at the very thought of your spirit, your energy. I also enjoy your beautiful creations. The pricing for your glamorous dresses are so reasonable and amazing. Love your philosophy. Take are so beautiful inside and out.:-)

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