Friday, January 13, 2012

One person CAN make a difference

This past weekend I attended a bridal expo in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, where I met the most remarkable young girl named Hayley. It was a highlight of a seven-week block of travel (which included flying on 16 different planes!). Hayley is a sweet girl with a beautiful heart. She started a charitable organization called Every-1 to help create jobs worldwide in a way that people in tough economic times can afford to give, one dollar at a time. Hayley’s message is simply that everyone can make a difference. And it’s so true! Every act of kindness, no matter how small, can really change the world. I truly believe that. Hayley, you are an inspiration—not only to me, but to everyone!

To help Hayley in her mission, visit her site:


  1. David:

    Hayley sounds incredible. With the way that things are in our society and our world we sometimes forget that one person can make a difference. I've been blessed in my lifetime to come across some incredible people too. I have taken a chance and forwarded emails to your publicity people because I am in need of you taking a chance on me, me and my family. I am in need of hip replacement surgery to address a disability I was born with called congenital hip dysplasia. Before I have this surgery I have a dream I would like to come true and you're the only one I would like to do it. I'm not young, I'm 43 years old, but I've had a lot of challenges due to my disability. I endured the pain and put off surgery in order to accomplish my long standing dream of finishing college, which I did this past year. God is giving my family a new beginning and I would like to start that right with a wedding by you. My story is unique and I believe it would make a very inspirational episode for your show (yes, you inspire many people, including me). Please contact me at My full story has been emailed to Edna Kalkay. You are the one person who can make my dream come true and bless me and my children with a new beginning.

  2. Tawanda,

    Your story is saddening but at the same time inspiring. It is amazing even though your hardships you have found time for college and still dream big. Every dollar does count and there are so many people in this world to just donate ONE dollar to add up little by little to make BIG things happen :)

  3. I'm watching your show on tv, and I thought to myself...oh god another gay guy show. But then I realized you were different from the rest. You actually have no sense of style or taste. Wow. What kinda gay man are you? I wish tv shows were like American idol, and we has the choice to vote you off.

  4. You are amazing! I want to start my own wedding/event planning business and I hope to get it off the ground this year. It's been a dream of mine for awhile and it makes me so happy. You are such an inspiration and the relationship that you have with your brides is incredible. You are truly gifted. Hope you had fun in NC! (I'm from NC!)

  5. Hey david, I would hope that you read your blog response.I would really love to get some information on how to become one of the lucky brides on your show. Im 22 and from Atlanta Georgia. I would have never though that I would find someone who im absolutly head over heels for.It's The way he looks at me,comforts me through hard times and the tone in his voice when tell me he loves me. Those where some of the things I considered when he asked me to marry him and I said YES.I've been so happy since that day but there's only one problem. We dont have the finance to make all of our dreams come true. It would take years of saving to make our vision come true the way you would. I really would love for my gramme to be at the wedding. She's been battling with her health and all she wants is to see me on my special day.I would really really love if u could email me @ or my blog. To let me know what it would take for me to make my dreams of an egyptian queen wedding come true. love you David and thinks even if you cant make it happen for me and my fiance

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