Friday, March 8, 2013

My Mom

I’m headed to the airport to drop my mom off--she’s heading back to the east coast. I’ve had two great weeks of spending time with her which is always a gift to me because it’s one-on-one time that I truly cherish. Dinners, seeing friends, taking walks on the beach, hanging out with my new little dog Lucy, watching TV at home, having long talks and just really getting a chance to enjoy the simple things. I always hate saying goodbye to my mom but I also know that goodbye is not really goodbye because I’ll see her in a couple weeks back in Los Angeles. I love my private time and my one-on-one time with her; I’m very spoiled by it and sometimes I don’t want to share it, so they’re great moments for me and I cannot wait until her next trip. I beg people to spend time with their families, especially their moms because when you need nurturing, support and love, it’s there for you--embrace it.


  1. Ah... so very nice to read! Spending quality time with family is always enjoyable. Love to you and your mom.

  2. My Mom recently passed away...I'm glad I got to spend time with her. My brothers and I were with her when she passed. She was a great person who enjoyed making people happy. I will miss her! I agree with your thought on encouraging people to spend time with their families and Mom. She always wanted to show me the glass coke a cola houses in central Illinois, when I was older we went for a ride to check them out. We had a fun time! We also were able to go to botanical gardens, see the Radio City rocketts, and watch The Phantom of the Opera before she had her stroke. The only thing that we didn't get to do together is go to Mackinac Island, but I have faith that I'll get there one day and her spirit will surround me! (:

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