Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Beauty Within

We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But sometimes we can’t help but make assumptions about things or people based solely on what we see on the outside. Take, for example, one of my very special brides on My Fair Wedding. She’s simply gorgeous. Anyone who saw her for the first time probably thought she had it all. But once I starting working with her on her wedding plans, I was able see that her beauty was much more than skin deep. From inside, this woman, a preacher’s daughter, radiated a genuine kindness, compassion, and generosity—traits you wished more people you met in your everyday life possessed.

Most surprising of all was learning that this bride grew up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit. For better or worse, we are all products of how we were raised. But my bride was proof that it’s up to us to decide how to live the next chapters of our lives. She chose to be a warm, caring individual instead of someone who was angry or bitter about her troubled past.

Always look beyond the exterior—whether that exterior is gorgeous or not so polished. If you or a friend has ever done online dating, you may have sorted your “compatible” mates by the profile pictures alone. But could you have been dismissing the guy with the funny-looking hair (or lack thereof), despite the fact that if you’d actually spent time with him you’d see what a perfect match you really were?

Take the time to get to know someone before rushing to judgments based on physical appearances. You might find that their inner beauty far surpasses anything you see on the outside.


  1. Good afternoon Mr. Tutera,
    You have inspired both my husband and myself to ensure that regardless of how small our catering event is, we ensure that the customer is speechless when they walk into the room and see our buffet table setup. In-fact he is my Best Criticizer and as much as it hurts me, his vision has always proven to be the best. We were unable to attend the event held in Macon, GA to and set up exhibit to introduce our service to potential brides and event planners. We have a modest off-site catering company located in Warner Robins, Georgia that we are hoping to build upon, however with the economy and our potential client’s budget, it has been extremely slow going. We have at times not been able to meet brides or event planners expectations because of their budgets and this has resulted in virtually no events being booked as we have to meet at least our costs. We are hanging in there for just one paid awesome event that is booked with our small humble company to have the opportunity to really show what we are capable of doing with our buffet table décor and our food. This would be a dream come true for my husband. I am secretly trying to schedule a meet and greet with you when you come to Alpharetta, Georgia on September 25th, or when you are in Illinois next year. He is our main source of income and being the relatively new guy in his office, getting the day off can be tricky. But I am working on it. As big a heart that he has, when I mentioned your trip to Georgia and how it would be nice to have him take a picture with you when you came, he suggested that maybe I should make the trip to represent Grillmaster Sgt., due to the scheduled times. However I am working on it and to be able to give him an audience with you would be unbelievable (just the possibility is bringing tears to my eyes), because as I mentioned, you have been an inspiration and your show has been instrumental in our décor. I am extremely new to this internet media communicating but I had to give it a try to see if I could in-fact let you know that we are admirers of your work.
    Thank you.
    Fathma (Fatima)

  2. Hi David,

    Everything you are saying is absolutely the truth. I strive every single day of my life to be a better person and not let negativity define who I am. I love that I am so open, caring, happy and a non judgemental person. I have to say from watching your show, I was curious to see what your website was like and going through all the different wedding themes, was really exciting. It wasnt untill I seen the theme titled "bling" that I actualy realized that It was exactly everything I ever hoped for. It's like a dream and literally brought me to tears. I never gave much thought to what I would like in a wedding, probably because I never actually felt I deserved anything that beautiful. Now that I have found a man that is everything I could of ever hoped for, I will pray that one day I can be blessed enough to have a spechial day with my own bling theme ;-) Thnak you for sharing all of your amazing ideas on here. You are truely an inspirtaional, radiant and kind man. Keep up the good work. Love you always.


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