Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I can't believe this note, wow

My breath is taken away by what she wrote, my "Swamp" bride Courtney on My Fair Wedding. It's pretty remarkable, and I wanted to share with others how special she is. This is why I continue to love what I do.

Hey David,
Here is a part of my book I have began. It is written "To My Love" as this is a diary I began when I was on my own....To you David-may you always be blessed for being such a blessing.
To My Love- My Frog Prince,
As a young girl I fell in love with frogs. Something about the four-legged creatures and their myth stole my heart. I eventually became obsessed. I found happiness and comfort in their eyes, color, and character. As an adult, I have found a meaning for my obsession. On March 23, 2010 a man came to visit me. His name was David Tutera. I knew very little of his character and creativity but soon learned his miracles. David is named one of the best wedding and event planners of our time, and I was a chosen bride. [From] the excitement in the voices of family and friends around me, I began to discover how wonderful this opportunity was. Although expectations were rising, I couldn't help but remain the me I lived with, the me I couldn't develop, the me I've been searching for.
A maroon van pulled into my driveway 3 weeks before my wedding. Packed inside were people, cameras, coolers, lights, and more. As the unloading began, I was greeted with smiles and questions. Nervously, I sent smiles and shaking responses in return. I had no idea what to expect. As they moved all the material needed into my home, they began re-arranging furniture and wall hangings. I took brief notice but left my concern to the arrival of this David guy. Some time had passed and the moment approached. I stood anxiously awaiting his knock. I opened the door and there he was. A handsome man, slightly taller than me with eyes that sparkled green. He had dark hair that stood firm with product to ensure every strand stay perfectly in place. David's smile could light all of earth and each planet. I quickly took both hands and greeted him with a kiss to both cheeks. I did not feel star struck, but I was definitly speechless and nervous was an understatement. As we made our way to the sofa, I realized I couldn't stop smiling. I was unsure why (certainly was not the wedding planning) but I smiled anyway. Wedding planning was a nightmare to me. The interest was never there before and remained uninteresting now. In my younger years I never dreamed of a wedding day, only the marriage. I had been so fickle with all of my choices for everything. I spent countless hours searching web pages, bridal magazines, and stores trying to figure out what would work best for my wedding day. As the pressure built, I placed the wedding details in the hands of others to prevent making decisions I had no interest in. A wedding day pre- David seemed a waste of time and money. It was a day to please those around me with expensive decor, top shelf booze, music and formal attire. Yes, I understand it is a celebration of love. As a guest of many weddings, rarely have I remembered the detail of the wedding, but [wondered] whether the bride and groom held the love they shared on that expensive day. People are spending thousands on a wedding to divorce days later. Clearly was a waste to me when I see real families starving. Children raising themselves and their friends because parents are struggling to keep a roof over their head and clothes on their backs. I did not and could not understand the concept behind a wedding day.
Anyway, I sat with David and told him of all the ideas I wanted for my wedding. I wanted an outdoor wooded oasis. Somehow it turned swamp by the introduction from family members that wrote the my fair wedding show to get David's help. Apparently, my ideas weren't enough for those involved. Either way, I truly want to say Thank You for the people who chose me, those that thought I deserved to have a dream and live it through. David has given me something to cherish for a lifetime. ME! For that, I will always be forever grateful to him and his team! David is my Frog Prince; when kissed, he made me a princess. David does not only create the most exquisite atmosphere for weddings and events. David gives women a sense of self. He creates beauty around the beautiful, brings confidence to those lost in everyday reality. Does he know how magical he really is?
After many changes to my original set of ideas, I couldn't wait to see the final outcome. My hotel room was full of people and cameras on my special day. Make-up artists and hair designers were at work, interviews were rolling, and cameras were gathered in my face. The only thing missing was the one who kissed the bride and tells her she's the most beautiful bride they've ever seen. I was missing my parents, my mom, my family; someone to comfort me was missing. As everyone applied their finishing touches, it was time to reveal myself. My chair was spun toward the mirror, and my heart stopped. "WoW" I thought! She looks like a model! That girl in the mirror is flawless, all grown-up, she's a woman. The most beautiful bride I had ever seen. I could only think how proud my mother would have been if she could have seen me on that day. As I fought back the tears of loneliness, I gathered my smile for the cameras and drifted into the role of a bride.
Making my way, blindly, from the limo to my room at the venue, the excitement and nervousness of a wedding set in. Although I felt gorgeous, something was still uneasy in my heart. It was time to show David just how beautiful he had chosen me to be. I slowly made my way down a few stairs that set me on a small platform leading to more stairs that separated me from David. I stopped briefly. The look in his eyes took my breathe away. It made me feel like I was the most beautiful in the World. I wore that feeling close to my heart from that day forward. David handed me the most beautiful, unique bouquet I had ever seen.
As I walked toward the aisle, David greeted me one last time. He kissed my cheek gently and whispered "this is your runway, enjoy every minute." I looked into David's eyes, smiled and began my walk. My veil was blowing roughly in the wind. I remember being yanked back when it wrapped around a tree in the aisle. I untangled it and finished what I had started.
After the ceremony and pictures, it was time for David to reveal his revision. Blindly, I entered the room. I could hear wind blowing ferociously around. I didn't know what to expect. David slowly counted to three and I opened my eyes. I began to cry. If I could take that room and place it my home, I would be the happiest girl in the world. David not only made my idea ABSOLUTELY breath-taking, he gave me something no one else can claim. David made me realize a sense of myself. Through his creativity and vision, he has taught me how to make decisions based on how I feel. I have learned to love myself and cherish all things given to me. I could never put a price on what this man has done. I truly cannot thank him enough. I am so blessed to have met such an amazing heart. I am encouraged to follow my heart and dreams. Dreams, they do come true, even when you think you never had one. David's love completely shines through. As for me, I'm still learning. I'm embracing the journey and cannot wait to see the miracles he brings in the future.


  1. David,

    What a beautiful and touching letter! Receiving such an intimate expression of gratitude from a client is truly rewarding! As for myself...I thoroughly enjoyed working with you! I remember Courtney's wedding day clearly...it was magical! And the fireworks at the end of the night, were the "icing on the cake". David, you are so gifted, and you work so hard to bring the Bride's vision to reality. It was a pleasure, and honor, to work with you on Season 3. I hope to work with you again in the future!

    Peace & Blessings,

    Cindy Jackson
    "StilettoFotog" {Twitter}
    Owner | Photographer

  2. Wow, Im speechless! This was the most touching letter that i have ever read. There arent words to describe what you did that for that woman and for all the women that you help every day. I watch My Fair Wedding religiously, and watching what you do for these beautiful couples is nothing short of amazing. Your their angel sent from above to make their dreams come true. You make myself as well as other women, believe that we too can have that dream. Thank you.

  3. How wonderful to be acknowledged and thanked in such a heartfelt way. I'm actually sitting on my computer watching the first season of My Fair Wedding on Netflix and you are inspiring.

    Many Blessings David!

    1. *clearing throat* third season...not first. :oD

  4. I loved this episode! (I love all the episodes, truth be told, lol....) Those of us who are lucky enough to do weddings as a profession are, well, lucky! Congratulations!!!

  5. No words im speechless. It's amazing what you do david, you inspire people to dream big on there special day because all of there dreams can come true. Its just amazing how god put you here as a tool to help unite couples in a way that can only be heaven sent. Your an angel in disguise.I pray that god send you to me and my fiance to help make our day a moment that will last in our hearts forever.

  6. David,
    Call me old fashion, but it will be a cold day in the boonies before someone comes into my home and starts re-arranging furniture. I have this prophecy that if you don't like the way my home is arranged then don't step onto my front porch let alone knock on my door.

    I know shows want things to go right, but what has re-arranging furniture or taking down a wall hanging have to do with that special (not for me) day.

    To make it short, I grew up in a busive home where my mother would have put Freddie Kreuger to shame. She abused my four sisters and me any way she could. Belts, tree branches,etc. She used a butcher knife on me. The year before my father died she came at me with a claw hammer. Luckily for me dad walked in the door then. More than once she told me she wished she had miscarried me or I had died after being given birth. One day after her hurting words I looked her right in the eye and said; So do I mom.

    When she died it was an ex-girl friend of my youngest brother and me who sat by her hospital bed. Me since 2:30 am that morning until she died exactly at 4 pm. Call me crazy but I told her that I loved her still and lost it.

    So that is why I made the earlier remark. My home is mine and if no one likes it, then stay away.

    I like your show and the culture shocks that are on your face from what the brides have done so far for their wedding. Some are so funny that I laugh until I cry.

    My Princes are the opposite, they always turn into TOADS.

    Before I forget, I designed (sketched) some gowns and jewelry and would like to share them with you. Is there a way I could e-mail the designs to you?

    Happy days David,

    http://brd-myfamily.blogspot.com/ (My Blog on face book)

  7. It's so interesting to read that letter and envision the experience outside of what we get to see through the cameras. I'm jealous (but not spiteful)! I always think how long that three weeks must have felt at the time and then how it must have seemed to have gone by faster than the episode it was made into. I can't wait to see more beautiful transformed weddings ^_^

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