Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Which is exactly what I did when I saw my friends last night for my birthday because I missed them so much. Being in New York for a couple days to shoot for My Fair Wedding gave me a chance to put together a dinner with eighteen of my closest friends and of course, Ryan. 
I love just stepping back and watching my friends as they talk and eat. Because everybody there is someone I've known for so long. One friend I've known for over twenty years; I did her daughter's wedding and we've been like the best of friends since. Everyone there was also there for my wedding in Vermont and my big birthday in Italy. They're the people who I feel like we pick right back up wherever we left off. I love living in LA, but I miss my friends in NY. 
And tonight I'm going to see my mom and my dad for dinner, which also always makes me feel wonderful having that connected time. 
My staff also threw me a little party in the office with gorgeous treats care of Enjou Chocolat! 
And thank you for all of your birthday wishes, they mean a lot.
With love,



  1. Happy Birthday!!! You are such a wonderful person...you deserve a wonderful birthday. I am so glad that you were able to meet up with old friends and also your parents...that is so special! :)

    1. Birthday and birthday are two really cheerful events for each person. And the whole world every person wants to celebrate with their partners just like him last time I have celebrated my birthday two times, first one I have celebrated with my web designing service agency and second one with family and friends.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday David... I watch My Fair Wedding every night before I go to bed (prerecorded). Wow what a better way to head to sleep, you are a true gift of God. Beautiful blessed people keep beautiful company, very happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday.

    Your Best Fan.. Sone

  3. Hello David,
    Just want to share my belated b-day wishes for you. I am really glad you got to share your special day with lots of friends and family surrounding you, that is so important in our lives. That tells me what a great influence you have on so many folks in your life.
    I am really looking forward to your next season premiere of my fair wedding, I just love the show; it is one of my favorites. You are a wonderful person and a terrific wedding planner. You do such a great job at what you do. Keep up the good work and God bless you always.
    Your #1 fan,
    Michelle rae.

  4. David I love your show, each week I look forward to see what wedding you come up with next. Ur amazing with your brides and they are very lucky to have such a calm and positive person with such creativity. What was awesome for me was to find out I share my birthday on same day as u. With that happy belated birthday 4-23. Shirley temple also had the same birthday. When I was younger I was so into shirley temple than yrs later I found out I shared her birthday now that samething happened with u. What an honor and keep up the great weddings and dreams u make a difference to so many women it's amazing. God bless u. Mikel Murray

  5. OMG!!! Our birthdays are in the same month! Exactly 7 days apart. Happy Belated my love! Ok, sorry I had to let my crazy,fan moment pass. Congrats on another beatiful year. You are a truly accomplished, and a wonderful man. You deserve the best. Thank you for your positive nature, lovely spirit, and FABULOUS creativity, and design sense.

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