Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bridal Guide Pin to Win Contest!

I'm excited to share that I've teamed up with Bridal Guide to offer a dream wedding design by yours truly for one lucky bride-to-be in need of direction and inspiration!

For my currently engaged brides in the US, this is a special opportunity to see your vision defined, plus the winner will also receive fashion for the entire bridal party, a week-long honeymoon at a resort on the southern tip of Mexico and have their wedding featured in the pages of Bridal Guide Magazine!

To enter, go to (create a Pinterest account if you don't have one yet), and 'Follow' Bridal Guide. Then start pinning! Create a Pinterest board and pin up to 10 images from or the Bridal Guide Pinterest page that shows off the style you want for your wedding, including images that also tell a lot about who YOU are. Be sure to title your Pinterest board “Bridal Guide Dream Wedding Design Contest” and add an additional pin of the contest logo image. Oh, and I almost forgot, we want to see our adorable couples! Include another pin (for 12 total) of either a photo or video of you and your fiancé!

Submit your board by July 16th to be entered:

For all of the details, visit! GOOD LUCK!!! 



  1. Wow...what a great opportunity! I wish I were a bride again. My husband and I did not even get our wedding photos. Someday we will do the whole thing over again, with some amount of class. :)

    I am so excited to see the winners and what you will do!

  2. How fun! Good luck to everyone! =)

  3. I was watching David Tutera's- My Fair wedding- and thought he could be the answer to my prayers. I am the mother of a beautiful, caring, daughter and soon to be bride. I was also recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. So after one surgery and treatments in February and due to complications, another surgery scheduled for June, my daughter is spending her time worrying and caring for me. I feel so guilty. This is her special day and I want her to have the wedding of her dreams. To some, a December wedding, seven months away, may seem like plenty of time. But to her and I time is slipping away and there is still so much to do. So, although I was devastated to see that David is not casting for one show, there still is hope that my daughter can win this new contest, and have the wedding she so deserves.
    Florida Mom

  4. Can we make our own pins? Or can it only be from The Bridal Guide?

  5. Unfortunately my wedding is June 30 2012 this year but I love you David you are the best you make brides dream weddings come true keep up the great work I will keep watching you on WE to get more tips but within a small budget lol but is all lovely , thanks for your tips and amazing creativity. <3

  6. fabulous's life time opportunity for all single ladies....
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  7. I love David Tutera! Your work is amazing David, and ever since I started watching My Fair Wedding I have been hooked and have fallen in love with your work. I have always hoped I could win a contest to have you help me with my dream wedding, because no one else could do it better and that is no lie. My fiance and I have not set a wedding date yet because of the expenses, so this could be a great opportunity for us to have our dream wedding. We both love David's work and would be so excited to have David help us as much as possible. You are amazing when it comes to weddings, I have loved every wedding you have done on My Fair Wedding and I absolutely love and adore your wedding dresses! I will definitely be buying one or two for my wedding. Thank you for giving so many of us an opprotunity to win this contest!

  8. OMG! I am a huge fan! I watch MFW so much, my fiancé is becoming a fan (although, he mainly watches because he loves David's fashion). Winning this contest would be phenomenal because it is the only way we would be able to have the wedding we have wanted for five years.

  9. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I AM A HUGE, BORDERLINE CRAZY FAN! I have been begging my fiancé to find a way for David to plan our wedding!!
    My Mom past away a little over a year ago, which has forever splintered my relationship with my 3 siblings. Without my Mother's support and eye for detail, and her love to guide me, I don't even think I can do this. She was literally my very best friend. I lost so much when I lost her. We had spoken of my big day a few months before she got ill and she had a clear vision for my wedding. It was simple, chic, and meaningful. It was a perfect celebration of love and the true joys of family and friends. I just need help honoring her memory and to capture her image for my wedding. My 10 year old son (who has watched hours of David's show with me!) has told me to "Just call David! The Bridal Guy! He will know what to do!" Lol! So this is very exciting for all of us! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  10. Dear David Tutera,

    You are an angel. A "Fairy Godfather" to many lucky brides. More than anyone, you are truly a gentleman, David, who has the most perfect record in treating women with respect, kindness, gentleness, and most of all, love!

    You are famous for providing them with your personal care and expertise in helping these young brides develop, grow and change into very lovely young married women, leaving their lives all the more improved and changed for having known you!

    Thank you for sharing your life's work with us, and wishing you much more success and love in the future!

    1. Thank you for posting your comments perfectly and in such a kind way. It is a truly a blessing that we can all enjoy being touched in love and grace by watching these shows.

      Many thanks!

    2. We tv would not be We tv with out David Tutera, I am a big fan of his beautiful work, it is a blessing to have such a person with his talent,ideas and great taste . Not only that he knows how to bring a smile and the love that belongs in weddings god bless him and his work and greatfully bless his parents in which allowed to bring his talents to this earth

  11. I won't enter because I never win and I refuse to get my hopes up but David you are AMAZING and I LOVE your work! Family Nights around here are spent watching reruns of MFW and repeatedly being amazed at how you pull everything together in such elegance and beauty in such a short time! you are a gift!

  12. I really want to win this contest, man. but it says you have to "request an invite" to make an account. So i cant even make one. I wish i could win any contest at all so i can even have a wedding. Our budget is so low, i was going to have to buy my wedding dress online, and have all my guests bring food with them. and have a student photographer, and no honeymoon. we just cant afford it. were hoping to try and save up enough money so we made our wedding date a whole year away. but we are trying to get a house first. i just really need to win a contest, even if its just so i can have a honeymoon.