Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A new collection of gowns to choose from!

The first collection of my David Tutera for Mon Cheri had launched this spring with so many rave reviews and I'm truly excited to announce that my Fall 2012 collection has just debuted! With this new collection we really hit a new spectrum--from lace to tool to satin to shantung to silk. What I love about this Fall Collection is that we've got something for the modern bride, the vintage bride, and every bride in between. I truly promise that when you step into David Tutera for Mon Cheri gown, it will make you feel and look as you should: the most incredible and breathtaking you've ever looked.

This is such exciting news for me because I remain dedicated to the diversity of style for the diversity of women. I remain committed to making every woman feel beautiful and special. The collection is so affordable ranging from $750 to $1,575. From the details of the lace and hand-beaded Swarovski crystals and inclusion of color into the gowns, these gowns will make you feel like you were born to be a bride.

What I love is that partnering with Mon Cheri has allowed me to have a place where they listen to my voice and translate everything into the product so I can give my brides what they've been asking for. I've always felt confident that when you partner with the right manufacturer, you can actually provide a place for women to feel like you created something unique just for them. There's also something for all sizes and styles, and I mean that, all sizes. A lot of people say it, but don't really have the goods to back it up. 
I also want to thank the retailers throughout the country who have been embracing my collection and welcoming it into their boutiques for their brides. It has been incredible. I've been to many of the bridal markets across the country and it's been truly amazing to watch the buyers so excited about purchasing my line.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman's life and they should feel confident; never like they settled because they couldn't afford it. Now with my partnership with Mon Cheri and my new line, my brides can feel amazing, look spectacular and walk down the aisle with their head held high.
To view all of my new gowns, visit
With love,
David Tutera


  1. Oh David! I am in love with your Laney dress! It's funny how when we are little girls we plan our wedding from top to bottom (we hope the groom fits someplace in our plan) Your dresses our out of this world! Hopefully my love decides to get married before I become a certified cat lady! I would love to buy one of your gorgeous gowns!

  2. I absolutely love looking at wedding gowns. Especially yours David!!!!! Although I can never choose what will make me look great or make me feel special. Marrying my soulmate makkes me feel special enough but finding a dress that will make me cry when I put it on is hard. When Ilook at your gowns it gives me hope!!!! Love you David!!!!

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