Monday, November 8, 2010

Perfect Combination

It’s amazing how we become like our parents…

This is sometimes for the good and perhaps sometimes not! I have recently come to realize how thankful I am to be fortunate enough to have been graced with the qualities of both my parents. My Dad; a man filled with much ambition. He is a person that works so hard and is so determined to make everyone happy. My Dad is the one that taught me at a young age to never say “NO”, to never accept this answer, and to persevere until you get to wherever you need to be in life that makes you happy. His determination in life has granted me the strength to always push forward. My Mom; a woman filled with compassion, heart and passion. When in her presence, you know you are surrounded by love, and she is someone that worries about everyone and only sees the positive in all and in life. This perfect combination of Mom and Dad has been a gift that I am lucky to have received. Thank you... Jo Ann and Joe for guiding me, teaching me and for sharing you with me, and for also allowing me to become the person I am today. We all need to learn how to acquire the best of the people we surround ourselves with and lose the negative qualities or energies that often surround us all too. We all have the ability to be the best we can be and we all have the ability to be better people…..but we ALSO have to want that!! So Mom and Dad…… thank you for simply being YOU!

Down the Aisle in Style,

David Tutera


  1. After reading your comments I am thinking of my parents. Both are deceased. It's great that you are close with them. Treasure those moments always. Even after 30yrs. (my father Richard, and 26 yrs Justine) at times it feels like yesterday. Best thing good memories that's what I try to do with my children make good memories.
    God Bless You David and your parents

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  3. That's so nice and sweet of you to take a moment to acknowledge them as being part of the root of your success. I know they are wonderful people and they have done a great job with you. God bless you and your parents Mr. David.

  4. Thank you for sharing your parents with us. You have been truly blessed!♥†♥

  5. This is beautiful. So great that you took the time to honor your parents. I just lost my dad and he was really the best dad and grandfather in the world. He taught us all so much and I will always miss him. I came to your site because watching your show has been one of the only things to happily distract me lately. I enjoy seeing how you create beautiful things as well as how happy you make your brides. And it shows how good that makes you feel. From a design standpoint, you give me creative inspiration, which I appreciate immensely.

  6. You know David I posted a status on Facebook thanking God for the parents that I was blessed with the parents that I had My mom just passed away in December and it has really been hard for me but I thank God that My mom taught me about the goodness of God, she taught me hpw to forgive, how to be a lady and most importantly how to treat people with respect and to treat them how I want to be treated she was loved by everybody that she touched she would become your mother and I found that to be honored that some one would want my mother for theirs she card about everyone remembered everybody's specia;l day she is really missed by her family. My dad I lost 20 years ago but he taught me to work hard at everything you do and to do the best that you can do and taught me the value of having nice things and not to wait on others to do things for you. i really miss them both.