Thursday, September 30, 2010

Generational Gap

As I travel around the country and meet so many wonderful people, I listen and hear all the things they have to share with me about my show, "My Fair Wedding". I love to listen and speak to my fans about the stories they have to share with me regarding the show. Last night at one of my speaking appearances, I met a grandmother with her daughter and her her granddaughter, who collectively wanted to thank me for bridging them together. They look forward to sitting together for an hour to watch me and my show. The little one that is nine years old loves to dream of her future wedding and talks of becoming a wedding planner as well some day. Her Mom loves to see the outcome of each bride on the show and loves seeing the reactions on my face with some of the things I endure. The Grandmother loves the show and all, but most of all, loves being able to be with her girls to sit and have quality time together.

I am honored to be able to provide moments that bring generations together, to stop, sit and watch the show. I adore the fact that you will sit down and spend an hour with me, laughing and crying, right beside me on my journey. Having you experience the changes these girls endure in their lives during the entire process leading up to their wedding day, and seeing what I see as I make genuine lasting relationships with these women, makes me so very happy to share. Please know, I wish I were there with you, but know in my heart I am there because providing you these moments on TV means I am with in in a sense. I used to love going to my Nana and Pop Pops every Wednesday at 7pm and have chicken cutlets and it would be just us. All we would do is talk, catch up and laugh and I have never been so content. These are those moments I am talking about. Cherish them, hold them dear to your heart, and create them. Learning and listening from all of you each day is a blessing so continue to share, and continue to bridge that generational gap even if it's for that one hour.


  1. Hi David! My name is Abbi Sumandal and i'm a wedding planner in the making. I've been going to school studying hospitality management & my dream is to one day be a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding planner. I've been watching your show and i've been avidly searching for ways to get me closer to my dream. I admire you as a wedding planner and see you as the best in the business. Do you have any advice as to what majors, companies, or programs I should take or look into? Thank you so much! Keep doing what you do youre amazing!

  2. David, I saw your show for the very first time and really enjoyed what you have done for people. My daughter and the father of her 4 boys ages 12 - 21 have been living together for about 20 years, and are finally talking about getting married, they have purchased the rings, and now have to save for a wedding, which I know will take a long time. I know it would be the dream of a lifetime for her to have a beautiful wedding, but I know what they will be able to afford will be far from a dream. I would to love to help her but unfortunately am not able to do it. If you have any plans to do a show in Florida, I would love to have you aid her in her wedding plans, and most grateful. If you would even consider it please contact me at

  3. Although we don't have a generation gap, I adore my Sunday mornings where it is just me, my dogs SweetPea and Henry enjoying two hours, two shows in a row of your show with YOU! They may be repeats but they are first time screening for me and I love every minute. Thanks for making my Sunday!