Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Affordable Glam at Sears

On an episode of “My Fair Wedding,” I was toasted by my bride at the end of the night and was beyond touched by her words to me...... She said, “Everyone says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend...well, I think that David is a girl’s best friend!”  I was so moved by those words.  

So girls, I have something to add to that.  Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you now too can have me as your best friend.  I now have the good fortune of bringing you the right ring for the right price and at the right location...Sears!    I want to make sure I can be there from the moment the diamonds sparkle on your hand when you are engaged. 

I think a lot of brides don’t believe they can get the ring of their dreams and it just breaks my heart.  I have designed my new Sears bridal jewelry collection to bring the sparkle without the worries not being able to afford it.  Now you can feel good about your ring and your budget.  The rings are celebrity inspired and I really took the time to carefully select designs that were high quality and reflected the cut and color of the diamond. 
There are  4 different collections based on style and personality –so there is something for every girl, no matter their personal style.  I’ve been around so many different types of brides and I cannot express how much I believe that your ring should reflect YOU and your unique personality.  I want every bride to look down at their hand and to be just as in love with their rings as they are with their fiancé. 

I’m really proud to be able to offer this line of jewelry to help make everyone feel beautiful and glamorous on their wedding day.   http://www.sears.com/shc/s/dap_10153_12605_DAP_David+Tutera?adCell=W2


  1. Dear David, I don’t know how else to get a hold of you so I’m praying that this works. I sent my story to you through the channels outlined on your site in August but I have not heard back. I've been holding onto this wish for so long and I need to know whether or not I should give up and move on. Being that tomorrow is my birthday, I’m hoping at least that the wish to know would come true. This is my story: I dreamed about what my wedding would be like for most of my life. However, my actual wedding was nothing like what I had in mind. I met my husband, Matt, on my 19th birthday, in April of 2002. It did not take us long to fall in love and for the past 9 years we have been inseparable. He is the best friend and partner I could ever ask for. Over the past couple of years, Matt and I have been through quite a lot together. In the spring of 2009, we experienced the miscarriage of our first child. That summer, my grandmother passed away suddenly. To make matters worse, Matt also lost his job at the same time and he has been only sporadically employed since. Yet he has been positive, loving and supportive through it all. Our engagement story is a dissertation in itself so I’ll spare you those details. In October of 2009 we were finally engaged after 7 ½ years of dating, but I knew it would take a miracle for us to ever have a “real” wedding. That same month, we found out I was pregnant again. The financial benefits of being married became overwhelmingly apparent at that point for insurance reasons alone. So we decided that we would get married by a JOP in January, but that we wouldn’t tell everyone. For various reasons, we agreed to have my parents, his dad and our two best friends in attendance. We told no one else. That way, the hope of a “real” wedding could be kept alive. On 1-16-10, Matt and I got married at the district court office in a 10 minute long ceremony. I wore an outfit that I would normally wear to work with no makeup or special hair-do. There was no aisle for my dad to walk me down. There was no music to be heard. I don’t even remember what we said during our vows because I simply thought of it as a charade we had to go through for the insurance company. Over the next few months, I changed my name and made the mistake of changing it at work as well. In so doing, our secret was accidentally leaked by my mom to his mom through a forwarded email. My hopes of a “real” wedding were gone in one second. On 6-25-10, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Gwendolyn. We are both so in love with her and so excited about our future as a family. Since having my daughter, I am finding myself more in love with Matt than ever before. He is a great father and has been so selfless in taking care of both Gwen and me. Yet, even with as happy as Gwen’s birth has made me, I can’t seem to shake the desire to have a “real” wedding (or vow renewal now). Deep down I feel cheated in that I have never even tried on a wedding dress. I never got to see Matt’s face as I walked down the aisle. And what has been the most heartbreaking thing for me is that I never got to dance with my dad. As I watch your show, I am amazed at the things you do for your brides but I am also saddened by the idea that I will not get to experience anything even remotely like it. Your brides are planning their weddings and are three weeks away! I can’t even get that far without some sort of miracle. This is why I am writing. I know you must get thousands of requests for help but at this point, I feel like you are my only hope. I never realized how important it was to me to have a wedding and share my love for Matt with our families and friends until it was gone. I’m hoping that our story will strike a chord in you and you are able to help us out in some way. I never thought I would actually write to a TV host asking for any form of help, but after all that Matt and I have been through I know it’s worth a shot. It would mean the world to us to have any kind of celebration of our love, let alone one that you have designed. gwendolynksmommy@gmail.com

  2. David,
    I simply wanted to tell you that I love your show and I think you are adorable! I have been widowed for 19 years. Didn't have an actual wedding and never will but it is awesome to see someone that cares so much about making dreams come true! You have a beautiful soul! Your parents gave the world a great gift when they brought you into this world! Thank you for spreading sunshine in a world that seems very dark at times!

  3. I agree with Tracy and you do have a rare soul! How do people "sign" up to have their dream weddings?

  4. Trish.... Can't afford her wedding but has a baby.... Hmmm I think you should wait til you can afford to renew vows and worry about how you're going to afford your child's college because that's what matters now. I assume you asked the government for help to pay med bills to have your daughter why not ask someone else to pay for your wedding? But don't take my advice... It's coming from someone that came from nowhere and never asks for anything. I don't believe in it. There are people that are worst off then you. If you didn't have money to get married then why'd you get pregnant?... By the way I'm a single mother. I'm now engaged and with smart planning will have a small wedding. I don't want to spend thousands that could go to paying off the home or going towards education cause Lord knows it's hard enough as it is. I know this sounds harsh but it is what it is... Food for thought.


  5. I'm so glad you released a jewelry line David! I know you're a girl's best friend, but I know you offer amazing advice for some blundering grooms as well. Any possibility that you'll be featuring some wedding bands for men in the near future? I think you could bring an amazing designer touch to their jewelry!

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