Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Is....Where the Heart Is

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to talk about the amazing fundraising event this past weekend in Corpus Christi at the church I was baptized, confirmed and basically raised in at my hometown of Portchester, New York!

The church asked if I could help out at their 1st annual fundraisier for underprivileged children to attend the nearby Corpus Christi/Holy Rosary Catholic school.  Of course, I was happy to use my relationships to help plan the event and bring awareness and financial support to a great cause.  (along with literally thousands of white roses).  What I didn’t realize was how going back home to attend and plan the event would be such a surreal, heart-warming experience.

The event took place in the gymnasium of the school.  The theme was angels and they opened the night by having 106 teddy bears with halos and angel wings that you could “adopt” to add to fundraiser.  Such as sweet, cute and brilliant concept! As I finished saying hello to everyone and sat at the table with my family, friends, brother Gregg and sister Amy (and of course, my partner Ryan) and the program commenced,  this beautiful 6 year old girl took the floor and belted out “ISN’T HE BEAUTIFUL” with this angelic voice that just gives me goosebumps to think about. At that moment, I really forgot about the show, all of my clients, the 20 million ideas going through my mind and just felt this sense of peace and happiness.   It was just so nice to go back home and be around such kind, grounded people and my family.  My mother and father are the most down to earth, loving people and being around their energy, and love was more inspiring than being on the most exotic location in the world.  I feel so lucky to have grown up in such a great community that really nurtured who I was and taught me to dream big, but appreciate the little things in life.  Home truly is and always will be where the heart is and I was so humbled by the entire experience.  Thank you so much to Sister Karen and Christine who worked so hard to make this first event a HUGE success, they did a wonderful job – BRAVO to them! 


  1. Your family, and hometown, must be so very proud of you and all the happiness that you bring to others, in terms of beauty and memories.

    It is always heartwarming to go back to where you lived when you were forming who you are. We all need that to do that throughout our lives.

    Bless you and your family and the "House that built you!"


  2. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I can't thank you and everyone who worked the event enough! Everything was beautiful, everyone was wonderful and the love was felt all throughout. Everyone's kindness has made a difference to that school!
    Thanks again for all you and your family do!

  3. I am only a high school student in Florida. However, as a teenager that watches your show, we tend to forget the home we grew up in and the great memories we had as kids. This generation realizes the negatives and this has changed my mindset. I want to say that your words of wisdom have sunk deep into me and I am beginning a new me.

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  6. Your posts are so inspiring for me! I will share them here if you don't mind. See you later!