Monday, September 19, 2011

The Joys of Small Town, USA

A couple weeks ago I headed to Tybee Island, an island on the easternmost point of Georgia, and then to the city of Victoria, on the coastal plains of Texas. Some people might think I prefer big cities like New York and LA—and they DO have their perks—but nothing beats the friendly, laidback vibe that so many small towns offer.

What I enjoy most is going to a place I might not typically visit, and then falling in love with the town and the people and the food. How fabulous is it that traveling around the U.S. can be just as culturally rewarding as traveling abroad? I’ve found that even in the most out-of-the-way places there’s always something new to discover and learn from the locals. Part of the fun is talking to people and finding out what the best places are for sightseeing, shopping, or grabbing a bite.

People who are used to a quieter, simpler way of life have a remarkable way of making you feel right at home—even when home for you is hundreds of miles away. For me, small-town life is comforting, relaxing, and truly a breath of fresh air.



  1. One of my really good friends/coworker just got married on Tybee Island and it was magical!! I am so happy you got to experience that atmosphere too. I was just watching you show and for the hundredth time, wish I was that lucky to have you help make my dream come through like those other brides.. You are wonderful and make soo much people happy. You are a blessing... I wish you love and long life to keep making dreams come through. If you are ever on Hilton Head Island within the next year, look me up, I would be honored!!!!

  2. I love Georgia, I went for the first time in October (and thats when my Fiance proposed). The people there are so nice and hospitable, I was ready to move in right next door to the sweetest older people!

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  4. You have a great web site. I love small towns too! I've been there before.

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