Monday, February 27, 2012

Never say, "No"

It’s funny how the things you learn as a kid stay with you. Second to ‘never saying goodbye’ as I mentioned before, I remember something else I learned from my dad growing up—and that’s to never say “No.” Dad always told me that if someone asks for your help or needs you to get a job done, then you should step up and do what’s needed. And if you don’t know how to do what’s asked of you, then learn it as quickly as you can!

Now in business or in my personal life, when people tell me “No,” I ask why and what I can do to change their answer to yes. This lesson has resulted in jobs I might not have gotten otherwise. Once a potential client told me “no” and chose someone else to do a particular job. I asked why the other person was chosen and she told me it was because they could do such-and-such. I instantly replied, “Well, I can do that!” And I got hired.

Never saying “no” also encourages people to give you another chance. You become someone they can depend on, which benefits everyone. About four months ago, I did a massive Indian wedding. Initially, my proposal was turned down, so I called the bride’s father and asked why he didn’t hire me. He explained why, so I adjusted the proposal, and then got the job. Persistence really does pay off.



  1. Thanks for this simple and yet very powerful recommendation! Say "Yes!" Good idea!

  2. I've been watching your show on Netflix.. And my gosh.. U r such a wonderful person.. So awesome and you have a kind heart. Every time I watch one of your episodes, i want to cry. U r such a genuine person.

  3. This is my dad. He has such a servant's heart. While I realize that you are saying to be flexible, I just see everything he has done for others. I have seen him on roofs putting up tarps in the rain for a widow until he can help fix it, scrubbing floors, and even taking garden hoses to keep fires at bay and being the only car going towards the hurricane to help those left behind. It is that servant's heart that I yearn to have and to show my children and teach them humbleness. It is also what I see you doing as you aid those who have had dreams since they were my daughter's age.

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