Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrate National Craft Month!

I’m so excited that March is National Craft Month. As far as I’m concerned, every month should be about crafting and adding personality to your home—or wedding!

I think the success behind my Down the Aisle in Style™ line at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores comes from brides realizing that with my crafting accessories they can add that extra sparkle and unique touch to their wedding.

When developing the line, I worked hard to find materials and supplies that were affordable yet looked and felt luxurious, and that would make your projects feel like they’re truly your own. After all, making my brides feel special is the cornerstone to my events and everything in my brand!

The real inspiration for Down the Aisle in Style™ came from finding that so many women I encountered were unable to find wedding accessories that made them feel good about themselves. They struggled to create the look, feel, and style that reflected their personalities and vision. I wanted my brides to be able to walk down the store aisle, discover their sense of style, and then easily incorporate these ideas into their wedding.

With my supplies, you can customize your printed materials and add adhesive sparkles or pearls to place cards, table numbers, candles, and more. One item that I’m especially excited about—as someone who’s worked in the floral business for 25 years—is my battery-operated tapered candle, which looks like the real deal!

My collection also includes dripping crystal embellishments, crystal pendants, beautifully patterned guest books, natural wood and fabric hand fans, rhinestone bouquet wraps, and an assortment of fashion accessories (including my birdcage veil, feather hair comb, and satin clutch).

No bride likes to feel like she can’t afford to have her heart’s desire at her wedding. But this way you can step into a store, find something that speaks to you, and know that it fits within your budget. You can actually have fun as you explore all of your options and settle on those accessories that will help make your wedding all the more memorable. At Jo-Ann’s, you can practice walking down the aisle... with confidence and in style.



  1. David,
    I am SO excited about this line. I am one of those bride -to- be's that knows I cant afford the dream wedding. I have 4 teenagers two of which are going to college - so I will be a "strict stick to your low budget bride". lol. I watch your show weekly for ideaas and inspiration. I often crack up laughing when you talk about the color green in fashion (my color is clover green). I am so excited that you have this line at stores that I frequent. I cant wait to see more from your bridal jewelry line and your dress collection . Congrats on your success and I look forward to the FABULOUSITY to come!
    Your forever fan
    Nichole W.

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  3. You have a great blog. I hope it was a blessed month for you. Bye!