Friday, July 13, 2012

Shoes for my brides!

We recently shot the promos for my new shoe line coming out January 2013, so now when I tell people they'll be walking down the aisle in style, they literally will!
I'm working on an incredible, beautiful, affordable shoe line that appeals to every bride and style. From design to comfort to heel height, all of my brides will be able to walk the white carpet in style. 
Check my website often for updates!


  1. How fun! Love, love, love shoes! Looking forward to your new season! Thanks!

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  3. Wow can't wait to see your shoes,I love everything you do for your brides. You are an amazing person inside and out. I love watching mfw. I'm looking at the Carrie dresss for my wedding I love the way it becomes two different dresses and also being a fan of sjp style it's gorgeous. I would lovely you to plan my wedding I think we would have a ball. Keep doing what you do best Sarah,England x

  4. Saw some of the pictures for the shoes. Gorgeous shoes. I am sure your LV showcasing turned out well. Thanks for the headsup about the shoes

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