Friday, July 6, 2012

What's happening on September 8th at 9pm?

Well, if you've got a date, I suggest reschedule it... If you've got a party to go to, cancel it... If you have anything planned, cancel it! Why? Because Saturday September 8th at 9pm ET/PT is the NEW date and time for the premiere of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled!! So get ready, get your popcorn, and get your tissues. It's seriously an episode not to miss--and warning, this season literally IS unveiled, so I hope you're ready!
I'm really excited about the changes in the show this season: the drama, the conflict but always ALWAYS there will be a beautiful wedding at the end! In this season of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled, you'll see the madness behind the magic!


  1. I actually just found your show on Netflix and have enjoyed every episode. Your heart and kindness to each person you meet makes the show so moving and a joy to watch. Thank you for being a bright spot in my day! Actually 6 bright spots today as I think that's how many episodes I watched. Yikes! Might need to get a life and do laundry next weekend.

    Many blessings!

  2. Oh wow! I'll be there!!! Looking forward to this new season! Love your show!

  3. Marking the date on my calendar now. I've been watching your show for 2 seasons now and I so enjoy it. There's always a spectacular, not just happy, ending!

    You have such a good heart, a great ability to "read" people, and you are so wonderfully creative, not to mention extremely good looking!


  4. That's my wedding day only 55 days left :)

  5. OMG! That's my wedding date and my B-day at the beach .. I think i goint to record it!!! GBU David I leard to much with you program. Thanks!!!