Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Blogger: My 11 year old niece, Mia

Interviewed by my assistant, Renee:

Will you introduce yourself?

Mia: My name is Mia Grall and I'm David's niece.

R: Where are you from?

M: Port Chester, New York

R: Is this your first time in LA?

M: Yeah.

R: What do you think so far?

M: It's really fun.

R: When did you get here?

M: I got here on August 1st at 10 o'clock in the morning.

R: And what have you been doing?

M: We went to Disneyland a couple of days ago and it was REALLY fun! We got to go in Walt Disney's apartment and before that we went to Beverly Hills, walked around and had brunch. Today and a couple of days ago we went to my uncle's show and his set and then today, he took me to a surprise which was trampolines!

R: What's been you favorite thing you've done so far?

M: Probably Disneyland because it was so different than Disney World. I've been to Disney World a lot and it was really fun

R: What was your favorite part about it?

M: Probably going on California Screaming, having a tour guide and going on the Hollywood Tower.

R: What'd you think of the Cirque du Soleil show you went to on Sunday?

M: It was really fun and so different from the other Cirque show I went to a couple of years ago. It was totally different from the city was like Hollywood 40 years ago.

R: You went to the Magic Castle too, right? What'd you think of that?

M: That was really fun because I got to do a magic trick.

R: What was the magic trick you did?

M: We lifted up a huge table with our hands.

R: Do you want to come back to LA?

M: Yeah definitely.

R: Do you think you might want to be a wedding planner like your uncle when you grow up?

M: Probably, yeah.

R: Have you always wanted to do that or did you decide that on this trip?

M: I've always wanted to be that since I started watching his shows.

R: Do you miss your uncle now that he lives in LA?

M: Yeah, I saw him a lot more when he lived in NY.

R: Well you'll have to come visit again soon!

M: Yeah, hopefully!


  1. Awwwwwww she misses her uncle! I do too on the off season!

  2. How wonderful for David to know his niece as well as he does - and to make sure they have a loving relationship. My niece and 2 nephews are 51-almost 50 and 48 - and I still have a loving relationship with them. It's a true blessing. Enjoy!

  3. Adorable! David, you simply are a sweetheart, there just is no other way to put it. You will have to give your neice all of the best pointers to make it in your business and I hope to see her in your shows in the future!

  4. This is really sweet! Positive role models certainly help influence children and adults in a positive way! Thanks for the motivation! Looking forward to the upcoming season!

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