Monday, August 20, 2012

My Family Just Left Town

I always used to look at people who were saying goodbye to others at the airport and crying and I never really understood what was going on until just a couple days ago when I dropped off my mom, dad and niece Mia, 11 years old. We all started to cry because we just didn’t want to say goodbye to one another. It was a really great experience having them here in LA for eight days. Eight solid, full days of spending time with each other. Never once did any of us get tired of the other. I was looking so forward to it and not forward to them leaving. I thought after eight days that would obviously be enough time but it wasn’t. Spending time in the pool for hours, having my mom, dad and niece come to set to watch AND work as they were on the show, going to Disneyland, going to the Magic Castle, going to see Cirque du Soleil, going to some great restaurants, driving around town, hanging out at the house, keeping it simple but keeping it fun; it was literally pure joy. A person once said to me, “What brings you joy in life?” The answer is being with my family. I don’t have to do big over the top things. In fact, when I get invited to go to a red carpet event or some sceney place in Los Angeles or New York, I don’t really want to go. I’d rather be home, keeping it simple because that’s what brings me joy.


  1. I am a big sob fest during goodbyes. They are awful.
    I love your niece's name! Mine is Mea also, my mom just spelled it different to confuse everyone lol.
    I am huge fan of your show:)

  2. The famous saying of all time! Don't cry because it is over. be happy that it Happened! ThankGod for your Family!

  3. Dear David,
    family are the most important people we will ever have in our lives.Your family will stand at your side always and love you through bad and good.
    I have 4 boys and all grown age 19 to 30,all left home and two in the british army. I miss their presence in the home ,their noise,mess,dirty washing,cloths on the floor :) Most of all i miss the words " night mum love you". xxx

  4. Dearest David,
    Here Is Something That May Help With The Sad Sad Good Byes We All Don't Like At all!!! Most Of US anyway!

    NEVER SAY GOOD-BYE... That Sounds Much Too Final...
    Always Just Say "I"LL SEE YOU LATER" In The South It's" See Y'all Later" :):):)
    I Find That Helps Me A Bunch!!!!
    Most Love && Respect To YOU && All Your Loved Ones!!!
    Bonita && Family!!! xoxo

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  6. I understand your feelings. Hope you are doing good now. You are such a kind person!