Thursday, July 5, 2012


Just got back from a pretty remarkable and amazing journey to Australia. Damn, it's far! But it's seriously worth the journey.
Sydney is an incredible city. Beautiful, clean, lots of culture, great food. But it's not where I spent my time. I spend my time on Hayman Island and Hamilton Island. 
The trip went like this: it was Los Angeles to Sydney: 14 hours. A 3 hour layover in Sydney. Then a 2 hour flight from Hamilton Island to Hayman Island. And a 1 hour journey on a yacht to the private island of Hayman in the Great Barrier Reef. Practically the middle of nowhere...but trust me, it was worth it. Nothing was so beautiful as to what I witnessed there with my eyes.
Australian people are incredibly kind, too, everywhere I went. I also had an opportunity to hold a koala in my arms and pet a kangaroo; the cockatoos are beautiful and everywhere. 
So I highly recommend that you find a time in your life to make a visit. It's pretty magical. 

P.S. I still don't understand the time difference though--17 hours forward, behind, sideways...I never knew what time it was back home. But it didn't matter because I was in Australia.


  1. Oh you are so fortunate to have gone there! I do want to visit Australia someday...especially the Permaculture Research Institute. I love the photo of you with the Koala, they are so adorable!


  2. David, just found your blog. My daughters and I just found My Fair Wedding on Netflix and WE ARE ALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! I have a 10 yo and a 8 yo daughter and we live in a small town outside of Fairbanks, Alaska called North Pole! Yes, North Pole. We've been watching your show nonstop and you've completely changed how we see never really occurred to us that you could have an overall "theme" that unites all the elements of the event, the way you do.

    I can't tell you how much we not only admire your mad skills with planning weddings, but you as a person. It's so clear why you've been successful--you really listen to your clients, and you're so kind and warm to people, even when you strongly disagree with their ideas. You're also beautifully humble; what you do is so unbelievably amazing, yet you somehow let these brides walk away with all the credit and attention. You have a truly royal soul.

    Just wanted you to know you have some new fans here in northern Alaska!

  3. It was nice to check this out. I love your posts. I want to visit Australia next year.

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