Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A cage veil for vintage flair

I love hearing how so many of you were fans of my Mad Men bride this past Sunday. And I’m super shocked and super happy to find out that the birdcage veil is one of the top three items being sold from my wedding crafts line (Down the Aisle in Style™) at Jo-Anns! I included the cage veil in the collection because it’s an accessory strongly reminiscent of ’40s and ’50s style to add personality and vintage flair to your wedding fashion. I never thought it would be so popular! I’m thrilled that there are girls out there who want to step back in time as they step forward in style.

The cage veil is a fabulous accessory because it shows that the bride is fashion-forward, a little daring, and not afraid to go against the “safe” choice. The vintage style, with its delicate white netting that can be swept over the eyes, is a great substitute to the traditional long veil. But it is still a veil; therefore, I think it should be worn only for the ceremony and cocktails. At a wedding I recently attended, the bride wore a cage veil throughout the wedding. Because it is a smaller accessory, I can understand why she might have thought this was fine. However, personally and etiquette-wise, a veil should come off before you step into your party.

If you want to stay fashion-forward after the ceremony, you can switch out your cage veil for one a great brooch, hairpin or flower comb, which I’ve also included in my collection. A beautiful and unique hair accessory is another way you can sparkle head to toe!



  1. Fascinators- many with birdcage veils- definitely seem to be making a big come back! I plan on sporting one for my big day- LOVE the vintage feel it gives to my look. I'm going for classy and timeless; I would hate to look back on my wedding photos in ten years and think "yikes! what was I thinking?!" haha.
    On another note, I find your work to be so inspiring. It's amazing to me how busy of a schedule you have and yet you seem to be so down-to-earth, kind, and appreciative of your fans. Love what you do and would love to meet you some day. :)

  2. I made my birdcage veil and my separate flower headband with brooch sewn in the middle of the flower. I spent a total of 5 hours hand sewing...I had to wear my hard work all night! But I did make it less full by bunching it up. LOL... Love ya, David!

  3. I love your show and have just recently ordered your book on planning parties. I think your work is genius, David. You are so creative and gifted. Most of all I think you are one of the most genuinely kind and generous persons I've seen in a long time. These qualities truly come through on television. Thank you for being you and for inspiring so many of us to dream big and go after our dreams!
    Merrie Preston, Norman, OK.

  4. David I just love your show! Loved the Mad Men theme! My daughter and I watched it together. Have you ever thought of helping a couple celebrate an anniversary? Hubby and I are celebrating 15 years in a couple of weeks. We would love to do it big for 20 God willing.
    Keep up the beautiful work! You are inspiring.

  5. I am doing most of the decorations, flowers, etc for my wedding myself, but I splurged on an expensive dress. I was having trouble finding a veil I liked, but I can say I'm one of those people who bought the birdcage veil at Joann's!!! It will really work out great and I will embellish it myself. I have actually not seen your products at Joann's before (or Posted on a blog!! I said to make an account to do so!) and I think it will be HUGE! I have at so much trouble finding supplies like this at a reasonable price and I'm sure other people do too! I was shocked at the limited availability of DIY wedding stuff like this at craft stores when I stated looking! I hope the selection will expand soon. I think they are really missing a big market.

    I think you are so smart for offering this type of thing at a reasonable price. Everyone wants a designer day and most people cannot afford a $10,000 (or even $5000) wedding. I think this will be a HUGE success! Just on this day I was at Joann's there were TWO other shoppers looking at these items in the aisle!

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