Monday, March 19, 2012

LED Branches that light up centerpieces

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I like drama! My plans and designs have to be big, fabulous and over-the-top. Of course, all that drama usually equals crazy, stupid, over-the-top budgets. That’s why it made so much sense for me to create my Down the Aisle in Style™ line at Jo-Ann’s because I wanted all of my brides to have the look and feel of a dramatic and chic wedding—without having to spend a fortune.

One popular item in my Down the Aisle in Style™ collection is my set of illuminated branches. These are stylish and so much fun! They are beautiful white branches with tips that light up with battery-operated LEDs. The branches can give dramatic height to your centerpieces and create that sparkle that so many of my brides crave.

The branches are perfect for a white winter wonderland wedding—just like the one I created for my Snow White bride last month on My Fair Wedding. But you certainly don’t need to have a winter wedding to use these branches! They work just as well for ceremony archways and columns or incorporated in an all-white floral wedding design.

So no matter your budget, you can have fabulous elements that add drama, style, and sophistication to your big day!



  1. thats what I want for my wedding if it ever takes place.Looking like not in my short life time since I'm dying

  2. FABULOUS!!!! Love ALL of your stuff!!!

  3. All of your items that you have created are so stunning.

  4. Perfect for my Christmas theme wedding

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  6. Im using this for my 50th All White Affair Birthday Party!!!! Thank You David Muah!!!!