Friday, March 30, 2012

Should a bride DIY?

I always say that brides who plan their own weddings should have everything so prepared that the week before they aren't doing anything and instead sitting back and enjoying the excitement of the coming day of their wedding. So if a bride wants to DIY, she needs to embrace it and needs to be organzied--plan everything in advance so she's not scraping hot glue off of their nails the day before her wedding. But when they do, I love it when brides DIY because it's truly a cost-effective way to have a wedding that adds so much of their personality to it.

And with my line Down the Aisle in Style
, which you can find at Jo-Anns and AC Moore, brides can find something inexpensive that helps show off their personality. One cool thing is that you can even make a DIY wedding an opportunity to throw a crafting party, making it a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids while you enjoy a few cocktails, and you'll be proud of what you've done and what you've all made. It could be your invites, your candles, printed materials, your favors or even down to the accents on the flowers with dashes of bling. There's something to be said about doing it yourself that makes your wedding truly share that personal touch. Plus, when using my craft line, there are tips on the back of all the packaging, so I'm there for you every step of the way.

I'm all for crafting, making it special and doing it yourself... just not last minute, so you can relax and feel like a guest at your own wedding. So when you're getting ready to go down the aisle on a DIY budget--start with going down the crafting aisle first.



  1. David ur the best. Would love to meet u.

  2. April 9th.
    Happy Easter David. May yours and your loved ones day be filled with sunshine and happiness.



  3. Hi David. I am 42 years old with 4 children. I am getting married for the 2nd time on September 1, 2012. I live on a farm in New Hampshire. This whole wedding is on a limited budget. So limited, I can't even afford a dress never mind anything else. So it will all be DIY. What do you suggest for a backyard wedding on the cheap? I'd like to keep with the country/farm theme. Thank you!


    1. This comment is for Jennifer, having her second wedding in September.

      I know I'm not David, but I would love to extend my congratulations! I am just beginning to plan my 2nd vow-renewal, (three years early) and I'd like to let you know you CAN have a beautiful wedding without spending a fortune! My actual wedding was an elopement, but my 1st vow renewal cost $1200 for EVERYTHING including two nights at a fancy schmancy hotel afterwards. All it took was a LOT of planning ahead, and a little creativity.

      Rather than dwelling on the things you can't do... because yes, on a tight budget you will have to make sacrifices... instead, choose the two things that matter the most to you. Whether it's live music, a pretty dress, just the right table decorations - doesn't matter, just choose two you would love to have. Make those two things your priority, and start hunting the internet for creative ways to make them happen. I've seen beautiful (NEW!) wedding dresses for as little as $120. For me one of my priorities was live music, so we found a college student who played harp... I had live music for $125 and she played before, during AND after our ceremony!

      Since you asked for suggestions, (without knowing your preferences or anything) if it were me, for a September farm in NH I would consider a sunflower-and-burlap theme. It sounds silly, but do an internet search because the photos are stunning! You can get burlap for practically nothing at, and sunflowers will be EVERYWHERE in early fall! You should have enough time, you could even grow them yourself for the cost of a packet of seeds.

      I've also seen some oh-so-sweet informal weddings with a bonfire theme, with dollar-store bandanas creating tablerunners, mason jars of wildflowers as centerpieces, and the bride wearing a really pretty sundress.

      A friend was married recently at her parents' farm... one of the sweetest touches was that at every place setting they had put a candy-bar with a custom wrapper (created on their computers) inviting everyone to stay late for a bonfire, and s'mores. It was a small touch, but so personal and ingenious!

      Good luck and happy planning!

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  5. David-

    I am newly engaged. I cannot wait to start my semi-DIY wedding utilizing your products and knowhow. I have a wedding journal full of tips I have taken away from the show. For example I am certainly petite and the “Caroline, Bling Bride” had a suggestion given to have a gown with less volume therefore she would not become lost in the dress.

    I have till September 26th 2014 also known as my parent’s 30th anniversary making an otherwise special day even greater. I have plenty of time to make this day special for my family, groom, and myself. What a blessing it is to possess such creativity. Without fail I cry during every episode when your brides (new friends) salute you. I can tell you really made their dreams come true. How out of this world is the feeling you have when you realize you left a mark on a day that a person never forgets and nonetheless their hearts? Thank you for being a sort of wedding “fairy godfather.”

    My tip to fellow celebratory man and woman “never lose sight of what you are celebrating from a reunion, birthday, to wedding … life and love!”

    Best wishes to you and yours and happy celebrations to all!


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