Thursday, September 30, 2010


Everyone run! Yes! Don't walk, or even think about it, just run! I want everyone to get the CD for Florence and The Machine, "Lungs" and listen to track one, entitled, "Dog Days are Over" Then when it's over, listen to it again! I fell in love with them and this song when watching the VMA's a few weeks ago.
Every day I begin my day listening to this song. It truly makes your heart smile which is a fabulous way to begin your day. I recently added to my start of each work day on set a new daily ritual before filming my show My Fair Wedding. No matter where we are when I arrive I crank up the volume and play the song. I insist that everyone stop whatever it is they are doing, and listen; no work, no questions, just listen. The song is just over four minutes. Life can hold for four minutes right? So jump up and down, dance, take your scarf and fly it through the air and let loose and let go.

The first few times I began this new addition to filming I will admit, the crew looked at me as if I were nuts. Well between you and me, I am a bit nutty, but I love to have fun. As I continue to do it each day, more and more of the crew have joined in. Some still watch, some take video and pictures, but what it creates at the beginning of each day on set is happiness which is the first word in the lyrics of the song. I have sent the song to loved ones that are going through challenging times right now and asked them to stop, hold hands, and listen together. If you are alone and missing someone listen to this amazing song and if you just want to feel wonderful and take the day with control and confidence, listen to this music and i promise you happiness will surround you. Because the dog days are over, and you better run...


  1. I youtube this song and you are right. it's a beautiful song to dance to, to let loose and be happy. i love the tittle. just like you have shared this songs with us, im going to share it with my friends as well. and just like i have, hope they will learn something from it too. thanks mr. david.

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  3. This song is awesome indeed. Check this page and we will discuss this album. Okay?

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