Thursday, September 30, 2010

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment... I have come to learn something recently that has allowed me to truly have a new appreciation to enjoying life. We seem to all love to look forward to special occasions...holidays...birthdays...weddings and vacations, giving us something to work harder for, or have something on our calendars we cant wait for. These moments in our lives are important and special, but what I have come to learn is that time flies by so much faster when we rush away our lives.
With all the travel I do, I used to look forward to it all being over. I would have anxiety just knowing I had another trip to take and another job to do. For me, it was another moment I would not be home and it would overwhelm me so much that I would forget to live in this state of being called, "the moment". Recently
I had a grueling travel schedule that I wasn't looking forward to at all. Six cities in six days placing me on six planes. It's exhausting just to write and reread. I then learned an important lesson that I will never forget. Life is extremely precious and so very special, that we must learn to appreciate the moment we are in, regardless of the situation. Happiness is not derived from what you are doing, where you are going, or who you are with, but it is a state of mind, that only you can have inside of you and your heart. Grasping the moment each day is what it is all about, and I have learned to embrace each moment, each day, and now find time for the simple things in life, no matter where I am.

It could be the sunshine that begins our day, the phone call from a loved one that brightens up our mood, or just a walk alone in the park. A stranger that we randomly meet, we can somehow laugh with and learn something new about them. Our lives are all so complicated, busy, and so stressful but trust me; if each of us can find the power to be in control of living in the moment and find those things that make us happy, our lives will suddenly become rich and colorful, and not simply pass by. Live in the moment and it will allow you to live in your life!


  1. Mr. Tutera
    This is so true. We have to learn to appreciate the things we are living for now. When you look ahead you tend to forget whats important. I watch your show all the time, and it touches me how you bring blessings to peoples lives. Im a 20 year old college student who always dreamed of an awesome wedding to go with the love that is between my boyfriend and I.When I watch your show I feel like a princess and I imagine me in those beautiful dresses. But its not all about the glitz and glam but about how people react. It makes me feel so good to see someone helping others.To take the time out of your life, to bring smiles unto others is so humble of you. I try to do the same in my everyday life. But thanks for being an inspiration. Your great
    Erricka Smock

  2. David -
    I can't believe I opened up your blog and found this post staring right at me!

    After a ten-month engagement, my daughter got married 3 weeks ago. I spent every waking moment planning and preparing for her big day. It was a magical moment.

    Last week, my daddy died.
    Need I say more? I have gone to the ultimate extremes of emotion in a short 3 weeks. Now, more than ever before, do I truly KNOW what it means to 'live in the moment'! Isn't that all we really have anyway?

    So, with that being said...I would LOVE to see you this Monday, Nov. 22nd in Dallas, however I live 6-hours drive time west of Big 'D'. I also have an event on Tuesday at 9am, that I must be back for, so my outlook is pretty slim right now.

    But taking the 'live for the moment' philosophy to heart, I would move 'heaven and earth' (with a lot of caffeine!) by driving all night to return home, if I could be given the opportunity to meet you personally, and take a quick photograph. I have been a fan of you, your show, and your books (I own several) and this is one of those 'once-in-a-lifetime' chances, that I am willing to take, if I am able.
    Holding my breath, and keeping my fingers crossed,
    Cindi Mladenka

  3. David - I understand that Happiness is a state of mind, but not really sure I believed it to let it happen. Heavy heart and life challenges scare me to live my live in the moment. It has been important to me to be there for my family and friends letting them know how precious they are no matter where we are or what we are going through. Your blog today is on my desk to remind me daily that if I do live in the moment, it will allow me to live in my own life!

  4. You can't be more right Mr. David. It's not until something strange and unexpected happend in our life we realize how fragile life is. I used to be more focus on those things that would make me happy, and forget about the moment i was living it. I can only speak for myself, since cancer strike me i've been inttended to live my life as if it was my last day. I truely believe that living in the moment is the ultimate way for true happiness.

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