Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm the lucky one...

I had drinks last night with one of my brides from my show and it was really fantastic. I do stay in touch with my brides via emails and texts, but it’s been hard due to my schedule to connect one on one in person. I had the chance to see Nicole (Poker Bride) from season three. We laughed and talked for quite a while. I connected to Nicole the moment I walked through her door filming my show. Seeing her for drinks in NYC for the first time since the wedding reminded me why I adored her so much. I sat back and listened to all that is happening in her life. I had presented to Nicole the night of her wedding a fantastic honeymoon to Las Vegas at the Wynn Resort. I couldn't wait to ask all the questions and hear all about the experience they had together in Vegas. I sat there like a little kid as she told her story. I listened to every word, each description as she painted the picture of her time in Las Vegas. From the limo that picked her up to the suite she stayed in at the Encore at Wynn, to the wonderful show Le Reve, and the dinner they had together. This was a first for me.....I get to see what the wedding does for my Bride and Groom and their guests at the wedding...but after the cameras are down, I don't get to hear about the wedding memory in perspective of my girls, and what these experiences mean to them. For Nicole she met her Dad, she went on a once in a lifetime trip, and she had the time of her life that she says she will never forget. Nicole also said she cried tears of joy for two weeks after the wedding was over because she couldn't believe it all happened to her.

How lucky am I? Very lucky, because I get to meet these wonderful girls and not just give them dream weddings but give them life experiences that touch them forever. I am lucky because they change my life forever. Nicole was Lucky in Love and I am Lucky in Life!

David Tutera


  1. Are you doing any tours in Los Angeles? If so, I would be one lucky person to meet you :)

  2. David, you are just awesome. You love life, appreciate what it gives you, and seem to live in the moment, the present, at all times! We need more people like you in this world!

  3. David,

    You are such a sweet and genuine person - that's something that really struck me when I met you in Des Moines on the WE TV wedding experts mall tour. You truly deserve all of the success you've had.

    Kristin Kowalski

  4. David, you are an angel on this earth. Your energy comes through your blog and your show. Your love and care for each bride gives us all a glimpse into the good soul you are. Keep shining.

  5. I enjoyed watching the Poker Bride show for the first time on June 26th so I now realized it was a rerun for me since I just found your wonderful show this May. Seeing Nicole turn around and see her biological Dad for the first time was pretty special. But also seeing her husband when you surprised them at the reception with the honeymoon trip to Las Vegas :-) It is good to hear how rewarding you feel each time after an event. Yes David, You Are Lucky in Life!

  6. Could you be any more terrific? I wish everyone I met was as inspiring as you. Thank you for being you, David. You make the world a better place.

  7. David yes you are Lucky one. I wish to be just as luck as you some day. Bless you, your gift and your unique touch. I have such an admiration for you that your untouchable.
    Bless you David