Friday, September 10, 2010

Spice It Up

I just returned from one of my favorite places….Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ryan and I have been to this serene place several times and each time we come back we always leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and spiritually connected to not only to ourselves and each other, but to life in general. Santa Fe is a quaint town about one hour north of Albuquerque and as soon as you arrive you feel the positive energy that Santa Fe has to offer. I have been to Santa Fe with Ryan many times. We went for a summer years ago, we traveled for my big birthday where we took a hot air balloon ride down the Rio Grande as well as many other trips. Each time we simply love to walk, meet people, have great food, and see amazing art. The sunsets are by far some of the most beautiful paintings of color I have seen in the sky. The stars in the evening will take your breath away.

I was speaking to a local resident this last visit and I was sharing with him my love affair that we have for this special place. He said to me…Santa Fe is like Tofu, it becomes the flavor you want it to be. Santa Fe is just the same… you make your experience in Santa Fe what you want it to be. I found this saying so profound. Isn’t this what we are supposed to do with our lives every day? We are in control of what we want to experience, we are the ones that can flavor of own lives each day and we are the ones that can truly allow ourselves to enjoy life. I have to be honest I don’t like Tofu at all but I can respect the reference that he made. So here is to all of us sprinkling some spice, some sugar, or some herbs to our daily life so we can enjoy the flavors we all so want to experience.

Celebrate your life in style,
David Tutera


  1. love Santa Fe myself, as a travel bug and former travel agent, it's one of my top 10. I actually live in New Mexico in college for a year. If you haven't been in late fall early winter I highly recommend it. Take the time to drive up to Taos and you will have a breathtaking time viewing Native American communities an...d getting your glimpse of their first snowfall. There are a few independant properties along the away to the mountain that have small pueblos with hot tubs and fireplace that are uber romantic.

  2. Your love for life is inspiring!

  3. David-
    you are amazing.. thank you for blessing me with your words and positive outlook on life. You really touch me sometimes with your stories... and I see the amazing things that you do for your brides, and how you become such a huge part of thier lifes for that short period of time.

    you are amazing- thank you, I hope that I'm blessed to beable to meet you one day.

  4. You have given me something to think about this month...What flavor do I want my life to be. I like it David!! I am going to start adding some spice, some sugar and lots of herbs to my daily life so I can start enjoying the wonderful flavors life. Then I share with my family and friends my experinece. Doesn't this sound delicious?

  5. It's an amazing story. you keep on wow me everytime i watched your show and read your story. as a cancer patient who's been fighting for more than four years now, im all about living in the present and i believe you when you've said we all have control of our life. if we all can stop for a few minutes and search within us the things that can make us happy right now at the very present, we will realize we already have true happiness. like you've said let's bring out the flavor out of our life, the result is our true happiness.

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